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Gift Guides 2023 Advent Calendars

5 Advent Calendars To Purchase This Holiday Season

December 6, 2023 at 10:16 PM PST
Gift Guides 2023 Advent Calendars

5 Advent Calendars To Purchase This Holiday Season

December 6, 2023 at 10:16 PM PST

Whether you’re ready or not, the countdown to Christmas has officially begun. The holiday season is the cozy time of the year when we slip into matching family pajamas, gather around for games and holiday movies, and enjoy the comforting warmth of hot drinks. But there’s a little something that’s become a big part of the holiday fun: Advent calendars. They’re like little daily drumrolls leading up to the big day. These fun calendars are perfect for anyone eager to sprinkle a bit more joy into the festive season.

Gone are the days when Advent calendars were just about chocolates. Now, they can match your hobbies, interests, and aesthetics. They come in all shapes and sizes, tailored for all sorts of interests—there’s even one for tea lovers and skincare enthusiasts out there!

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To make picking out a calendar a breeze, we’ve spotlighted the best Advent calendars on our wishlist for 2023. Imagine unwrapping a small indulgence each day. From calendars that celebrate fragrances to those filled with the best beauty products for self-care days, there’s a little box of daily happiness for everyone.

As you get ready to deck the halls, consider an Advent calendar as a collection of moments. Each day is a chance to revel in the warmth and wonder of the holidays.

Voluspa Japonica Advent Calendar

Discover the magic of the holiday season with Voluspa’s Japonica Advent Calendar, a luxurious way to count down the days. This elegantly designed calendar, available for purchase this season, is a festive centerpiece with 12 compartments, each revealing a daily indulgence. Revel in the brand’s best-selling and seasonal fragrances, crafted from high-quality coconut wax. Each piece will fill your home with warmth and aromatic bliss. It’s the perfect gift to treat yourself or a loved one to a sensory journey this holiday.

Godiva Holiday Limited Edition Snowglobe Advent Calendar, 24-Piece

Indulge in the festive spirit with the Godiva Holiday Limited Edition Snowglobe Advent Calendar, the perfect seasonal treat to purchase this holiday season. This 24-piece collection is a chocolate lover’s dream, featuring an array of gourmet flavors like rich cherry, bold mint, creamy caramel, decadent ganache, and pure chocolate squares. As you open each of the 24 doors, you’ll discover a delicious Godiva chocolate, adding a daily delight to your countdown to Christmas.

24 Days of Tea Holiday Advent Calendar, 24 Tea Bags

Celebrate the countdown to Christmas with the Palais des Thés 24 Days of Tea Holiday Advent Calendar, a must-have for tea enthusiasts this season. Each day offers a new discovery: from flavored tea blends to exquisite single estate teas and soothing caffeine-free herbal infusions, all presented in luxurious cotton tea bags. This calendar also features an inspiring quote behind each window and builds the anticipation of finding the limited edition holiday tea, Le Thé Magnifique. This selection of 24 teas is a perfect way to sweeten your holiday preparations and explore a world of fine teas curated by Palais des Thés experts.

Saks Fifth Avenue Baobab Collection

Embark on a scent-filled journey with Baobab Collection’s Extraordinary Voyage Advent Calendar. This exclusive 24-piece set features 12 enchanting destinations represented by 24 miniature travel candles. Each day brings the unveiling of a new fragrant city, from the bustling streets of Manhattan to the romantic allure of Paris, all housed in a whimsically decorated box adorned with hot-air balloons. Ignite the spirit of wanderlust and fill your home with the aromas of the world, making each day leading up to Christmas a fragrant adventure.

Saks Fifth Avenue 25 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar

The Saks Fifth Avenue 25 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar is the epitome of luxury for this season’s festive shopping. Open a new drawer each day to reveal a treasure trove of beauty must-haves, including premium skincare, iconic makeup, hair care essentials, fragrances, and body products. This set features 25 deluxe miniatures from brands like Guerlain, Charlotte Tilbury, Diptyque, and more. It’s the perfect advent calendar for daily self-care indulgences.

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