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Should You Buy an Artificial Christmas Tree? Here Are the Pros and Cons, Plus Our Top Picks

November 28, 2023 at 7:23 PM PST

As the holiday season quickly approaches, the common question of whether to opt for an artificial or live Christmas tree comes into play. For many, the charm of Christmas lies in the tradition of selecting and decorating a live tree. However, more people are opting for artificial Christmas trees, as they can be more safe and convenient.

Are you stuck on whether to get an artificial tree or a live one? Let’s get into the pros and cons of investing in an artificial tree this holiday season, plus our top artificial tree picks.

artificial Christmas tree
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A Cost-Effective Investment

Artificial Christmas trees are a cost-effective investment in the long run. While the initial purchase price might be higher than a live tree, you can reuse it year after year, saving you coins in the long run.

Minimal Upkeep for Busy Homeowners

Purchasing an artificial tree requires minimal upkeep compared to live ones. You won’t need to worry about daily watering, shedding needles, or the mess associated with live trees. This is perfect if you’re always on the go or have a packed schedule.

artificial Christmas tree
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If you or your guests have pine or tree pollen allergies, artificial trees are a great hypoallergenic alternative. You can enjoy the festive atmosphere without the risk of triggering allergies.


Artificial trees come in an array of sizes, shapes, styles, and colors. This allows you to find the perfect fit for your home’s aesthetic. Whether you’re into a classic green tree, white, or unconventional hues like pink or silver, there are options to fit your design style.

artificial Christmas tree
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Easy Assembly

Most artificial trees are designed for quick and easy assembly. There’s no need to struggle with a heavy tree or worry about getting sap on your hands.


Less Authentic

While artificial trees have come a long way in replicating the appearance of real trees, some may argue that nothing can quite replace the authenticity and fragrance of a live Christmas tree.

artificial Christmas tree
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Initial Cost

As mentioned earlier, the upfront cost of an artificial tree can be higher than a real one. Considering its reusability over the years, this cost can even out in the long term.

Storage Space

Artificial trees need adequate storage space during the off-season. You’ll need a suitable place to keep your tree to ensure it stays in good condition for future use.

The choice between an artificial and live Christmas tree depends on your preferences and priorities, but if you’d like to browse our picks, here are the artificial Christmas trees we’re eyeing this holiday season.

National Tree Company Carolina Pine 7.5-Foot Artificial Holiday Pre-Lit Christmas Tree with Pinecones

This tree's meticulously crafted branch tips form full-bodied branches, capturing the essence and feel of a real pine tree. Pre-strung with 750 white lights that remain illuminated even if a bulb falters, this tree offers ease and convenience right from the setup. The assembly is straightforward thanks to its pre-attached, hinged branches that fold in and out for storage. Allow 45-60 minutes for fluffing and shaping the tree to achieve its fullest, most beautiful form. Constructed with high-quality materials and hypoallergenic and fire-resistant needles, this tree promises to be a centerpiece of holiday cheer for years to come, all while supported by a sturdy metal base.

Amerzest Pre-Lit Snow Flocked Artificial 7.5-Foot Christmas Tree

This stunning snow tree stands 7.5 feet tall with a 50-inch width, adorned with 600 incandescent lights, extra bulbs, and gloves for careful fluffing. Designed in the style of the Carolina Pine, this tree adds a touch of timeless elegance to any space. The classic needles and spruce branch tips give this artificial Christmas tree a realistic look. The tree is fire-resistant and non-allergenic for a safe and carefree holiday celebration. The snow-flocked leaves bring a charming wintry feel, ensuring your home radiates festive cheer. Assembling the tree is a breeze with its sturdy metal stand and hinged braces, and for optimal fullness, a 15-25 minute fluffing is recommended.

Fraser Hill Farm 7.5-Foot Centerville Pine Green Traditional Christmas Tree, No Lights

Standing tall and magnificent, this 7.5-foot Fraser Hill Farm Artificial Christmas Tree is perfect for rooms with 8 to 9-foot ceilings. It’s 68-inch diameter and deep, layered branches are ready to hold all your beautiful ornaments. Setting up and taking down this tree is a breeze, thanks to its heavy-gauge-hinged branches that attach to a sturdy center pole, all supported by a strong metal stand. This isn’t any artificial tree; it boars 2,905 lush, lifelike tips made from premium, flame-retardant, and non-allergenic materials. By choosing this artificial tree, you are making a sustainable choice, saving a real tree from being chopped down.

Puleo International 9-Foot Pre-Lit Balsam Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

The Puleo International Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree stands tall with lush green pine needles, encapsulating the essence of a wintry forest in your living space. With lifelike pine branches, this tree brings the beauty of nature inside without the mess of a real tree. The tree is supported by a robust metal base, with sections that seamlessly join together for a hassle-free assembly. Crafted from flame-retardant and non-allergenic materials, this artificial Christmas tree is a safer alternative to its real counterparts. Assembly is a breeze: unpack the tree, connect its four sections, arrange the branches, and plug in the lights.

National Tree Company Pre-Lit Artificial Full Christmas Tree

This National Tree Company’s Full Pre-Lit Artificial Green Christmas Tree stands tall at 7.5 feet, with a 59-inch base diameter. Crafted meticulously with hundreds of individual branch tips, the tree achieves a lifelike and full-bodied appearance. Its unique PowerConnect system includes 900 Dual Color LED bulbs that can effortlessly switch between warm white and multicolored lights, offering ten different light functions, such as twinkling, flashing, and fading, for an entirely customizable holiday experience. Setting up this tree is a breeze thanks to its pre-attached, hinged branches, with an estimated 45-60 minutes needed for shaping. Built with top-quality, hypoallergenic, and fire-resistant materials, this tree ensures safety and durability, ready to spread holiday cheer for many seasons.

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