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5 Design Trends To Add To Your Moodboard In 2024

November 4, 2023 at 4:00 PM PST

The 2024 design trend predictions are starting to make waves as homeowners are looking for new and innovative ways to create a stylish and functional space. Thanks to a report by global surfacing leader Cosentino, developed in partnership with global market research Ipsos, we have a clear glimpse into the future of design. The report reveals the trends that are in and what people are ready to leave behind in 2023. In the coming year, patterns and bold marble are on the rise, while shiplap is on its way out.

Photo Credit: Consentino

The Rise of the “Spathroom”

One of the most exciting trends for 2024 is the emergence of the “spathroom,” a luxurious spa-inspired bathroom. The spathroom is a chance for homeowners to curate a sanctuary within the home, offering a tranquil space for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.

2024 design trends
Photo Credit: Consentino

Glam Metallics Make a Comeback

Metallic accents are making a comeback, with designers and homeowners embracing this throwback trend to add a touch of glamour to their living spaces. From gold and silver to copper and bronze, metallics are set to take center stage in the world of design.

2024 design trends
Photo Credit: Consentino

Hotel Vibes at Home

The “resimmercial” design trend, or residential design inspired by commercial spaces, is on the rise. Seventy percent of designers find inspiration from resorts and hotels, incorporating must-have features such as spa-inspired bathrooms, indoor and outdoor walkout patios, and custom furniture to create an inviting atmosphere at home.

2024 trends
Photo Credit: Consentino

Kitchens Reign Supreme

Kitchens continue to be the heart of the home. Homeowners and designers are allocating substantial portions of their renovation budgets to craft their dream kitchens. In addition, 83% of designers and 70% of homeowners are now extending their kitchens into the backyard, blending indoor and outdoor living spaces.

2024 design trends
Photo Credit: Consentino

Shift to Sustainability

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important consideration in the design world. 70% of designers and 58% of homeowners identify sustainable products as a top trend.


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