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Color Your Home With Accent Pieces From These Bold and Contemporary Brands

July 13, 2023 at 10:38 PM PST

Minimalism is one of the hottest trends in interior design right now. Marked by neutrals and the use of various textures, decorating with this style always results in a uniform look. Sometimes, however, minimalistic homes lack the one-of-a-kind essence that colorful and bold pieces bring to a space.

Incorporating Unique Accent Decor

Although minimalism’s opposite, maximalism, is all about eccentricity, it’s not for everyone. One of the perks of designing is that you’re not required to fit into a particular style. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to a black-and-white layout, but you want to avoid designing a space that feels flat. A way to do this is by incorporating unique accent decor that brings out the playful and intriguing side of your home.

Where To Find Accent Decor That Suits Your Style

The popularity of muted and simplistic decor poses a challenge for the maximalist designer, too. It can feel nearly impossible to finish a maximalist home if you can’t identify places that sell fun and quirky accent decor. With such complex interiors, maximalists on a budget may also run into trouble once they find stores to shop from. Typically, distinct pieces are on the pricier side because of their appeal and sophistication. Consider the problem of searching for a rare vase but hardly ever seeing anything of good quality under $175.

To find stand-out pieces that aren’t going to break the bank, it’s important to know where to look. If you would like to add something special to your home, there are unique, affordable brands out there. These brands focus on approaching interior design from an original perspective by making functional, artistic decor. Many work with an array of designers and derive inspiration from any and everywhere, such as fine art and nature, to develop fresh creations. Some also collaborate with bigger design companies, like West Elm and Ikea, for seasonal drops and limited edition pieces.

If this sounds like you, check out these funky yet chic decor items for the out-of-the-box designer:

Wall Clock

You may not know how many minutes until the next hour with the abstract wall clock from Areaware, but that's the point. A playful reminder about the passing of time, it comes in mint, pink and yellow. Accompanied by a three-dimensional cube, bell, cylinder and sphere to represent hours, you can display the wooden work of art anywhere in your home. Though not an accurate measure of time, the clock is functional. So take a second to watch as the moments go by because time is always lost, no matter what you're doing.

The Orient Sun Shower Curtain

For the designer who puts it all out in the open, the Orient Sun Shower Curtain from Quiet Town is transparent, color-blocked, and hand-stitched in Brooklyn. Finished with brass grommets and rounded corners, choose from colors with names just as cool as the product: "Dream" (pink and light blue) or "Pool" (aqua and yellow). There's no hiding your unique sense of style behind this curtain, or anything, really. It's bright and summery for a breezy bath time experience.

Multicolor Stripe Throw

The perfect medium-weight knit throw, you can match this blanket from Dunsen Dunsen with any design style. Made of cotton and designed with a multitude of stripes, toss it over the couch, on an accent chair or on the bed. Focusing on color play, texture and patterns in your home? You've hit all three points here. This blanket is anchored by a black-and-white border that pushes its vivid colors to the forefront. It's cozy, warm and stylish. Need we say more?

Mondri Vase

The vibrant Mondri Vase from New York City's very own Museum of Modern Art is made of transparent acrylic panels. Three vases in one, it has chambers for creating floral arrangements of different sizes. The colored acrylic allows for a shadow effect when placed directly in light for even stronger visual appeal. Available in both a neon and primary color way, the possibilities are endless with such an open design. Make a statement with just a few flowers or create a masterful centerpiece.

Multicolor 100 Values ES17 Sottsass Corkscrew

When serving drinks, your guests will be buzzing over this cute and whimsical corkscrew from Alessi long after the night has ended! Made from beech wood, the color-blocked tool is featured in the brand's Values collection, which celebrates 100 years of research in the field of applied arts and the beginning of a new century of experimentation. Partially hand-crafted with sustainable materials, its ergonomic shape is ideal for anyone desiring functional comfort.

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