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DIY Family Photo Backdrop

Here's How To Create the Perfect Backdrop for Holiday Family Photos

November 7, 2023 at 1:07 AM PST
DIY Family Photo Backdrop

Here's How To Create the Perfect Backdrop for Holiday Family Photos

November 7, 2023 at 1:07 AM PST

There are many ways to celebrate the holiday season. Some people sing Christmas carols, others host ugly Christmas sweater parties; the list goes on and on. One of the most popular ways to celebrate is taking holiday family photos to share with family and friends. However, hiring a professional to handle the job can be costly. So to avoid overspending, many families can choose to do it themselves at home.

How To Create the Perfect Backdrop for Holiday Family Photos

If you plan to send pictures of you and your family to loved ones this season, you’ll need a great backdrop to start. Finding a nice backdrop is easy, but it can cost a pretty penny depending on the type you choose. To lighten the load on your wallet, you can DIY it by creating your very own backdrop yourself. So not only do you get to decorate a stunning holiday background, but you can save money in the process. If you want to learn how to build the perfect backdrop for your family photos, here are seven tips to help you get started.

Use fabric.

If you have extra fabric lying around, you can use it as part of your backdrop. Be sure to pick an old sheet or even wrapping paper in seasonal colors like red, green, or gold to drive home the holiday motif.

Set up a faux fireplace.

Nothing says holiday cheer quite like a crackling fireplace. But if you don’t have one, don’t worry. You can still recreate this iconic design element using a mantel or shelf. All you have to do is decorate your mantel using poinsettias, tinsel, or fairy lights before hanging a few festive stockings on a mantel. For an added touch, strategically arrange several candles on your mantel to create a homey feel.

A Christmas tree sitting next to a decorated fireplace
Photo credit: Євгенія Височина

Opt for a live Christmas tree.

There are two types of people: those who prefer real Christmas trees, and those who prefer artificial ones. No matter which camp you fall into, incorporating nature into your holiday backdrop is a great way to brighten your pictures. But instead of standing next to your tree or plant, position it so that it creates a nice frame behind you and the others in the picture.

Make a chalkboard sign.

If you have a steady hand, try creating handwritten messages on a chalkboard sign for a personalized backdrop. You can share a funny quote or a festive salutation. No matter what you decide to write, using a chalkboard sign as a backdrop is a fun way to share what’s on your heart.

Create a festive gallery wall.

Family photos featuring Santa and Christmas trees may not be what you’re going for. In that case, you can get really festive with a holiday-themed gallery wall filled with artwork, mirrors, framed pictures, and other decor inspired by the season.

A closeup of Christmas ornaments and green tinsel
Photo credit: Duskfall Crew 

Add dimension with hanging decor.

To add depth and dimension to your pics, incorporate hanging decor — i.e. garlands, tinsel, or string lights — in your holiday backdrop. Use your imagination to create a dreamy backdrop, but keep in mind that the more sparkly your decor, the more likely it is to compete with your other decorations. With this in mind, try to strike a balance between hanging decor and other types so that your backdrop doesn’t overwhelm the picture.

Incorporate family traditions.

Honor family traditions by decorating your backdrop with decor that holds meaning to your loved ones. For example, if your family celebrates Kwanzaa, a kinara or Mishumaa Saba is a great way to celebrate your heritage. Or, if your family usually exchanges cookies for the holidays, a backdrop decorated with cookie tins and jars can add a heartwarming touch to your pictures.


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