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Bosco's World: The Atlanta Creative's Venture Into Ceramics and Design

December 6, 2023 at 6:42 PM PST

Atlanta, a city pulsing with artistic vibrancy and cultural depth, is no stranger to creatives excelling globally but calling “the A” home. One of the city’s tastemakers, Bosco, is a creative force to be reckoned with, building her empire, one artistic project at a time. Her journey is not just a tale of artistic evolution but a mosaic of music, design, and entrepreneurship. Bosco, the visionary behind, an experience studio and innovation lab, has carved a niche for herself in the world of art and technology, harmoniously blending the past with the present. As the founder of Slug Global, a creative agency and art collective, she’s collaborated with giants like Spotify and Revolt TV, bringing a unique point of view to each project.

Bosco Interview
Photo Credit: Taylor Simone

In an exclusive interview with Home & Texture, Bosco opens up about her diverse creative pursuits, from the tactile world of ceramics and vintage furniture to what’s in her cup.

Home & Texture: You’re a woman of many artistic practices, from music to set design and curation—what inspired you to explore the world of ceramics and vintage furniture selling?

Bosco: Coming from the digital space, it was important to zoom out and truly examine my creative process. How I was receiving information felt limiting to my imagination. I saw ceramics as a meditative practice that solely pulls from within, re-establishing that connection with my hands to the source. In doing so, I fell in love with furniture as another way to communicate my theories about design. This is a direct access point to the Bauhaus movement that merged architecture, pottery, furniture, and other disciplines.
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H&T: Can you tell us more about and your passion for preserving nostalgia through curated experiences?

B: is a lasting guide into the world of objects and design. We explore the importance of innovation, craftsmanship, and functionality of the technology that shapes our lives.
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Somewhere between childhood and adolescent stages, we’ve lost that sense of curiosity. With our collective desire to ignite these emotions again, we bring the past forward by using these machines to time travel as content libraries and reference centers.

H&T: Where do you go to find inspiration for your ceramic mug designs?

B: I typically go into the studio with some sketches or ideas I have permeating in my head. I allow myself to go through the process organically, playing with different shapes for my catch/ashtrays and stems for the mugs. Geometric shapes inspire the design approach and pull from African symbols and cave drawings for the patterns. ceramics
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H&T: Does Atlanta impact the way you approach art?

B: It honestly does. I feel more creative in Atlanta and musical in Los Angeles. This city pulls from a different source. My environment and where I am geographically placed plays a huge part in my storytelling musically and artistically.

H&T: How would you describe your design style?

B: Artsy Hood mixed with Rich Aunty Chic.

H&T: When it comes to your ceramics, what drink is usually in your mug?

B: No lie—coffee or champagne. I’m a girl of both extremes. mugs
Photo Credit: Taylor Simone

H&T: Are there any future plans for that you can share?

B: I have a full show next year that I’m excited to share closer to the date. It’s going to be a four-week experience with weekly programming. That’s all I can say for now.

Fans of Bosco’s ceramics can experience them firsthand at The Green Flamingo in Atlanta on December 16 from 11-7 p.m.

Keep up with Bosco and via Instagram.

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