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7 Ways To Achieve an Organic Modern Style in Your Home

November 15, 2023 at 4:21 PM PST

In the age of crowded design trends, a return to simplicity can create the most tranquil spaces. Organic modern style elegantly marries modern minimalism with natural elements to craft a peaceful sanctuary. By blending contemporary forms with neutral earth tones, organic textures, and hints of boho flair, organic modern homes feel effortlessly sophisticated. This less-is-more approach strips away visual clutter so you can breathe easily.

To embrace the organic modern design style in your own living space, begin by paring down decorative excess. Then thoughtfully layer natural materials and calming neutrals. Billowing drapes, woven accents, and indoor greenery add life without visual overload. The result is a warm, welcoming abode with an airy vibrance.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to incorporate an organic modern style in your home.

Embrace Minimalism

Embrace minimalism in home design with the organic modern style. Including minimal colors and decor will make the space feel less cluttered. Pictured: A minimalism living room.

In this design style, less is more. Embrace minimalism to achieve an organic modern style by including hues of white and beige, adding a few throw pillows and blankets, and keeping the space clean. Use less decor and store artwork, photos, and vases on shelves. Including a white or black table in the living room, along with an L-shaped white or beige couch and a large white rug to fully embrace this design.

Add Texture to the Space

Texture is one of the main elements of an organic modern design. Incorporate this using rugs, pillows, blankets and decor. Pictured A living room with artwork, a rug and throw pillows and blankets.

Texture can go a long way in an organic modern design. To incorporate texture in the space, add a rug under the couch, and use throw blankets and pillows for comfort and design. You can even add a few boho elements to this space, incorporating plants and woven textures in the space.

Use Neutral Shades and Earth Tones

Use natural and earth toned colors to achieve an organic modern look in your home. Pictured: A green living room with brown decor.

Incorporate the natural element of organic modern style with neutral shades and earth tones. For warm tones, use white or beige walls along with furniture and decor. For earth tones, try painting the wall or using furniture that is sage or dark green, light brown, or pastel colors. Add plants for a bit of greenery and woven chairs, baskets, and decor to highlight earthy colors. Bring in eye-catching pieces to contrast the colors in the space.

Play With Different Shapes

The organic modern design style allows you to play around with different shapes and textures. Pictured: A living room.

One of the key components of creating an organic modern design is shapes. This is the perfect time to utilize different shapes within furniture and decor. Go with an L-shaped couch and utilize circle tables, square rugs, large blankets and square pillows. Cool-shaped lights, pillar-shaped candles, circle vases, and multiple coffee table books are great ways to play around with shapes. Curved couches, armchairs, sculptures, and artwork can elevate the space.

Include a Pop of Color

Add a pop of color to your living room to incorporate an organic modern style. Pictured: A living room.

While organic modern is known for neutral and earthy tones, you can also add a pop of color to make the space look more unique. This can include colorful pillows, a rug a canvas artwork, or a painting that has color in it. Marigold, red, bright orange, light green, and light pink are colors that will pair well with this type of design. It’s important to not overdo the color, as you still want the space to be minimalistic and clean.

Work With Wood

Utilize wood shelving, tables, decor and furniture to combine a boho style and organic modern design in your home. Pictured: Wood shelving with decor.

Set the scene for any home in the organic modern design by adding wood tones. Incorporate wood furniture like tables and stools or line the ceiling with wood panels. The wood gives this space an earthy feel and will make the space feel warm.

Create an Incredible View

Large open windows and sliding doors will bring lots of sunlight to an organic modern space and make it feel light and airy. Pictured: A living room with large windows.

One of the best things about the organic modern design is that it embraces nature. Let the outside view be your inspiration and your artwork. Utilize glass doors and windows and take full advantage of the outside view. Keep large white curtains around large windows and doors for privacy when you need it.



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