What Is the Brutalist Interior Design Style?
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Is the Brutalist Interior Design Style Making a Comeback?

November 9, 2023 at 5:50 PM PST
Home Brutalist Interior Design

Is the Brutalist Interior Design Style Making a Comeback?

November 9, 2023 at 5:50 PM PST

Brutalist interior design has been around for decades. It’s had both critics and proponents, and has served as a form of inspiration for many designers. At one time seen as an overwhelming part of design architecture, it ended up growing out of favor for a while. However, these days it is once again being embraced by interior designers, celebrities and homeowners.

Brutalist interior design features dramatic architectural features with concrete, wood and metal materials with multiple silhouettes. Not only is this shown in the flooring, it’s also in the walls and furniture in the space. This type of design take inspiration from sculptures, patterns and artwork and is typically described as both unique and stunning.

So, why is this interior design style making a comeback? On social media platforms like TikTok, users have been able to share everything from home inspiration to funky design patterns to decor. Recently, brutalist interior design has been at the forefront for home design trends on the app, many taking inspiration from the homes of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

The brutalist interior design style is not only inspirational, but it features character and charm. Here are the characteristics of what makes a unique and sophisticated brutalist home.

Concrete, Metal and Wood

Utilizing concrete flooring is important for creating a brutalist interior design space. Pictured: Concrete flooring.

Some of the key components to achieving a brutalist interior design style is to utilize elements of concrete, metal and wood. This can be embedded in flooring, shelving, countertops, cabinets, furniture and decor pieces. These types of materials provide simplicity and will give your home a sophisticated look. When pairing this combination, concrete walls and flooring with wood furniture make for a good look. You can also incorporate metal shelving, hues of gray and black and geometric shapes to the space to add character.

Shape and Texture

Make any brutalist interior design space feel more like home with shapes and texture. Pictured: A living room.

Use shape and texture in furniture, patterns and decor to bring the brutalist interior design space to life. Incorporating geometric shapes and blocky silhouettes is one way to upgrade this space. Make sure the furniture and decor match the walls, flooring and aesthetic of the space. Add textures like throw pillows, soft and fluffy rugs and blankets to add layers to the space.

Colors and Patterns

Incorporating color into a brutalist interior design space is a great way to make things playful and fun. Pictured: A living space.

Adding colors and patterns is a great way to make a brutalist design interior more colorful. One way to do this is to paint your metal staircases. Baby blue, light pink and bright orange are colors that work well in this type of space. Use plants to add greenery and make the space feel lively. Paint the doors, add colorful artwork and incorporate colorful furniture like tables and chairs. For an extra touch, add a peel-and-stick wallpaper with a unique pattern to one of the walls to make the space stand out.

Fixtures and Finishes

Add finishing touches to your brutalist interior design space like pendant lights and decor. Pictured: Pendant lights.

To add the finishing touches on your brutalist interior design home, add fixtures and finishes to the space. For fixtures, add cool pendant lights, cabinet handles, ceiling fans and sculptured artwork pieces. For additional finishing touches, items like vases, artwork, rugs, small wall shelves and collector’s items should go in the space.



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