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cooking Caraway Prepware Set

Every Home Cook Needs the New Prepware Collection at Caraway

September 12, 2023 at 5:46 PM PST
cooking Caraway Prepware Set

Every Home Cook Needs the New Prepware Collection at Caraway

September 12, 2023 at 5:46 PM PST

If your kitchen prep tools could use an upgrade, Caraway has you covered with their brilliant new Prepware collection. This thoughtfully designed set provides home cooks with everything needed for efficient, clean, and sustainable meal preparation.

The Prep Set bundles together Caraway’s ten essential prep knives, shears, and utensils in one gorgeous package. Included is the chef’s knife, serrated knife, paring knife, utility knife, vegetable shears, peeler, grater, spoon, turner, and tongs. The ergonomic handles ensure comfort and control as you finely chop, neatly peel, and artfully stir. Ice-hardened German steel blades offer precision cutting and longevity.

What You Need to Know Before Buying

What really makes this set genius is the innovative built-in storage unit. The attractive birch wood block has slots for each tool along with a slide-out tray perfect for keeping prepped ingredients organized. This streamlined design clears clutter off your counters while keeping essentials easily accessible.

Caraway utilizes only non-toxic, sustainably sourced materials for its collections. The storage unit is crafted from FSC-certified birch wood and finished with food-safe oils. The ceramic peeler and grater are a chic alternative to plastic versions. Even the canvas storage sleeve is made from organic cotton.

With its modern aesthetic in soothing hues, the Prep Set instantly elevates your kitchen style. But this collection is about more than just looks. The thoughtful design allows you to prep meals smoothly from start to finish, keeping your space tidy as you cook. From chopping vegetables to slicing bread to mincing garlic, this set has everything you need to cook with ease.

Caraway’s founders, Jordan and Amanda, were inspired to launch their company after struggling to find kitchenware that matched their style and values. The Prep Set stays true to its ethos of creating beautiful, non-toxic essentials that simplify cooking.

If you’re looking for kitchen tools made with the environment in mind, Caraway’s new Prep Set is a must-have. With its space-saving design and versatile prep array, this collection streamlines meal prep while making your cooking area both functional and fabulous.

Cuttingboard Set

With its gorgeous cream and oak design, Caraway's acacia wood cutting board adds warmth and style to any countertop. The reversible board has a grooved side perfect for catching juices when carving meats and a flat side ideal for chopping veggies. The hand-finished edge is gentle on your knives.

Prep Set

Caraway's brilliant Prep Set provides 10 essential prep tools for chopping, peeling, slicing and more. The ergonomic knives and shears have blades of ice-hardened German steel. Everything stores neatly in the space-saving birch wood block with slide-out tray for ultimate organization.

Food Storage Set

Caraway's glass and stainless steel food storage set streamlines your pantry while complementing any kitchen aesthetic. Airtight lids in 2 sizes lock in freshness. Nested storage saves 30% more space than average containers. The glass remains stain and odor free.

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