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Christopher John Rogers Teams Up With Farrow & Ball on Vibrant Paint and Wallpaper Collection

September 1, 2023 at 9:07 PM PST

In a masterful collaboration that celebrates art, color, and interior design, Carte Blanche—designed by fashion designer and visionary Christopher John Rogers and executed by British paint and wallpaper company Farrow & Ball—offers a kaleidoscopic variety of paint and wallpaper. This capsule collection is an ode to elevated exuberance, featuring a delicious palette of four neutral tones, eight vibrant shades, and three eclectic wallpaper prints, all designed with the intention to mix and match to your heart’s content. It’s the first collection by the brand to feature both paint and wallpaper.

A Unique Approach to Color

Known for his unique approach to color and pattern in his designs, Louisiana-born Christopher John Rogers was inspired at a young age by diverse sources such as comic book costumes, airport decor, and Ellsworth Kelly. You may have seen his designs on the likes of Tracee Ellis Ross, SZA, and Gabrielle Union, to name a few. His design ethos marries glamor with practicality while emphasizing individual expression and timeless quality. Rogers brings unabashed joy to Carte Blanche in a range of colors designed for effortless coordination.

Christopher John Rogers x Farrow & Ball Collaboration
Photo Credit: Farrow & Ball

“Colors, and the feelings that I get from them, are always my starting point when working, so when Farrow & Ball reached out regarding the collaboration, it seemed like the most natural fit,” Rogers shares in a press release. “With their emphasis on quality and longevity, and my emphasis on artful, declarative design, I think this partnership has created something incredibly exciting by mining the space between both feelings. I’m so excited for people to be able to access these paints and papers!”

Shades That Tell a Story

Each shade in the collection tells a story and is inspired by various elements in Rogers’ life, ranging from his childhood memories and lived experiences. Take ‘Hog Plum,’ a muddy yellow shade inspired by the tart fruit that is common to Central America and the Southern States, or ‘Romesco,’ a bold red named after the iconic Spanish sauce, which is also a favorite makeup shade. From the warming brown of ‘Cardamom’ to the vivacious blue of ‘Lobster’ that is commonly devoured in Louisiana, the colors invite you to celebrate your living space as an extension of your personality.

Carte Blanche Color Palette
Photo Credit: @farrowandball / Instagram

The wallpapers in this collection are equally striking. ‘DOT,’ for example, encapsulates Rogers’ iconic designs in a pattern that exudes energy and depth. ‘CHECK’ plays tribute to the genius of textile artist Anni Albers with its Bauhaus-inspired geometric shapes. ‘STRIPE’ has broad lines and is an adaptable design that can set the tone of a room.

These paints and wallpapers are not just design elements; they are statements of identity. Each color and design has a backstory that adds depth and flavor to your home. Whether you’re moved by the comforting ‘Roasted Macadamia,’ inspired by squirrels’ favorite nut, or the vivid ‘Pea Flower Tea’ named after the tea made from butterfly pea flowers, the Carte Blanche palette is a canvas to craft your own design story.

The Carte Blanche collection launches September 7 on Farrow & Ball’s website.



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