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Outdoors Landscaping Mistakes

6 Landscaping Mistakes You're Making and How to Fix Them

Don't be a victim to these six landscaping mistakes that detract rather than add to the beauty of your home.

March 11, 2024 at 9:49 PM PST

Curating the home of your dreams goes beyond interior decor. Your front yard plays a major role in shaping your home’s curb appeal—and, as they say, first impressions are everything. However, even the most intentional homeowners can make landscaping mistakes that take away from—rather than enhance—their homes’ beauty.

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Here are some of the biggest landscaping mistakes and how to avoid them to ensure your house remains a home you can be proud of.

Not Looking at The Big Picture

Many homeowners focus on individual aspects of landscaping rather than the overall aesthetic of the yard. This can lead to a cluttered appearance that overwhelms the eye. Before planting a single shrub or laying any stones, think about how you want your yard to look as a whole. How will each component complement the others? How will they grow and change over time?

Ignoring Local Climate and Conditions

A common mistake is selecting plants solely based on their aesthetic appeal without considering how they will survive in local climate and soil conditions. This oversight can lead to struggling, unhealthy plants. Native plants in the region where you live will thrive with minimal intervention, promoting a lush, vibrant landscape.

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Neglecting Maintenance

If your landscaping is too high-maintenance, it can quickly become overgrown and unkept, especially if you’re a busy homeowner. It’s important to be realistic about how much time and effort you can dedicate to maintaining your yard. Opt for low-maintenance plants that require minimal care. Incorporating mulch beds or ground cover plants can reduce weed growth and soil erosion, keeping your yard looking pristine with less effort.

Skimping on Quality

Some homeowners choose lower-quality materials or plants in an attempt to save money. This short-term saving can lead to long-term costs, as plants may need frequent care or replacement. Investing in quality materials and healthy plants can save money over time.

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Forgetting Lighting

A beautifully landscaped yard deserves to be seen, even after the sun sets. Neglecting outdoor lighting can make your home appear unwelcoming. Thoughtfully placed lighting highlights architectural and landscaping features, creates a nice ambiance, and improves walkway visibility.

Overpowering the Home

While lush landscaping can enhance a home’s beauty, too much of a good thing can have the opposite effect. Your landscaping should complement the design of your home. Ensure trees and shrubs are placed and pruned so that they frame rather than block your home.



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