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Organize Storage Benches

These Creative Uses for Storage Benches Will Help You Organize Your Home Instantly

September 18, 2023 at 4:36 PM PST
Organize Storage Benches

These Creative Uses for Storage Benches Will Help You Organize Your Home Instantly

September 18, 2023 at 4:36 PM PST

They’re multifunctional. They add to your aesthetic. They are the move when it comes to functional furniture that also makes a statement. We’re talking about storage benches—versatile pieces that can transform your home, providing stylish seating while stashing away clutter for a clever solution to your organizational needs. Check out the endless possibilities for creative uses for storage benches.

Entryway Elegance

Your entryway sets the vibe for your home, and a cluttered one can be disorienting. An entryway storage bench not only offers a convenient spot to sit while putting on or taking off shoes but also provides a discreet place to store frequently used items like umbrellas, shoes, and bags.

Photo credit: Nathan Fertig

Pet Paradise

Even your pets can benefit! Use it to store their toys, leashes, and grooming supplies, while the top surface becomes their cozy resting spot. It’s a win-win for both you and your furry friend.

Bedroom Bliss

In your bedroom, they can serve multiple purposes. Place one at the foot of your bed, and you have a cozy seating area where you can relax, read a book, or put on your shoes. We all know that as seasons change, so do your bedding needs. A storage bench offers the perfect space for storing extra blankets, quilts, sheets or throw pillows.

Ever found yourself struggling to put on your shoes or socks while sitting on your bed? Problem solved with a convenient seating area to make your morning routine more comfortable and efficient.

Living Room Marvel

In the heart of your home, the living room, they can serve as a purposeful addition to your entertainment and relaxation space. Hosting a gathering of friends or family? A storage bench can provide extra seating without the need for bulky chairs. Its cushioned top ensures comfort, and it seamlessly blends with your existing furniture.

The living room is notorious for accumulating clutter in the form of reading materials, remote controls, and various odds and ends. A storage bench provides a discreet solution. Just lift the seat to reveal ample storage space for all those items that tend to clutter your coffee table.

If you have children, you’ll appreciate the utility of a storage bench even more. Store toys, games, and puzzles inside, for simplified cleaning. A well-chosen one can also be a focal point in your living room, tying the decor together, whether you go for a sleek, minimalist design or a plush, upholstered bench.

Storage bench next to fireplace
Photo Credit: Max Rahubovskiy

Dining Area Delight

For a unique dining experience, consider replacing traditional dining chairs with a dining bench that comes with storage. Not only does this create a more relaxed and communal atmosphere, but it also provides convenient storage for placemats, napkins, and even lesser-used dishes.

Home Office Organization

In your home office, these handy pieces can do wonders for your productivity. Use it as a seating option for when you need a break from your desk, and inside, store office supplies, files, and paperwork.

Mudroom Magic

If you have a mudroom or designated area for outdoor gear, a storage bench is a game-changer. It provides a comfortable spot for removing or putting on shoes and boots while keeping the mess contained. Tuck away scarves, gloves, and hats in the storage compartment for easy access when you’re heading out.

Outdoor Oasis

They also aren’t limited to indoor spaces. You can also find weather-resistant options designed for the outdoors. These benches offer a dual purpose—seating and storage. Store gardening tools, cushions, or outdoor toys while having a comfortable place to enjoy your garden or patio.

Craft Corner Convenience

In the realm of crafting and creativity, having a dedicated space is essential. This is where a storage bench can truly shine. Imagine your craft corner, beautifully organized and clutter-free, ready to inspire your next masterpiece.

With one in your craft room, you don’t have to experience the frustration of rummaging through drawers and boxes to find your materials. Instead, your paints, brushes, yarn, and fabrics are neatly tucked away within arm’s reach.

Creativity can thrive in an organized environment. Your storage bench becomes a central hub for your crafting tools, helping you maintain a tidy workspace. No more messy spills or accidental misplacements of your precious supplies.

Storage ottoman with man reading on chair
Photo Credit: Vlada Karpovic

Library Nook

Transform a corner of your home into a cozy reading nook with the addition of a storage bench. You can store your favorite books inside, creating a mini library where you can escape into the world of literature whenever you desire.


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