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DIY Potpourri Uses

9 Creative Ways To Use Potpourri At Home

December 9, 2023 at 7:30 AM PST

Potpourri is a fabulous way to incorporate aromatherapy into your home. Made from a blend of dried flowers, herbs, and oils, potpourri can give your space a lovely scent while also adding visual appeal. Even though many people display their potpourri in a bowl or vase, there are a number of ways you can use it outside of just that.

To learn how, take a look at our list of nine creative ways to use potpourri at home.

A closeup of potpourri in a bowl
Photo credit: Alfredo Marco Pradil 

Make scented sachets.

For a quick way to refresh your clothing, make a sachet by sewing pieces of fabric together or using organza bags. Then scoop a few spoonfuls of your potpourri mix into the sachet before placing it in your dresser and closet drawers. Your new scented sachets are sure to make your clothes and linens smell clean and fresh.

Create intentional potpourri mixes.

Instead of making a single potpourri mix for your space, you can use dried flowers, herbs, spices, citrus peels, and essential oils to create custom blends designed for a specific purpose. For example, you can start your morning with an invigorating mix of spicy rosemary and bright citrus to wake you up. Or to help you sleep at night, a relaxing lavender mix is the perfect companion for your nightstand.

Simmer it.

For a stronger aroma, try simmering your potpourri mix with water and several drops of essential oils in a potpourri burner. This infuses your entire home with a sweet-smelling fragrance. As an added bonus, you can choose from a wide variety of burners — from electric to candle-powered — to meet your unique home needs.

A closeup of potpourri in a jar with home decor
Photo credit: Alfredo Marco Pradil 

Use as a decorative filler.

Potpourri also makes for beautiful decor for your coffee table, bathroom countertop, or even your dining table. Plus, it’s super easy to do. Simply fill a clear vase or jar with your potpourri mix for a stunning display for any space.

Make a bath bomb.

Wake up your senses with a fizzy aromatherapy bath bomb using your potpourri mix. Not only is creating your own bath bombs a lot less expensive in the long run, but it’s also a fantastic way to incorporate more self-care into your routine. And depending on what you put inside, your bath bomb can help with everything from decongesting to soothing sore muscles.

Stuff an ornament.

Celebrate the holiday season with a festive stuffed ornament. You can make your stuffed ornament by putting a bit of your potpourri mix inside, and then hanging it on your Christmas tree to impart a cheerful aroma. When making your potpourri mix for stuffed ornaments, try incorporating seasonal ingredients such as vanilla essential oil, cinnamon sticks, or dried citrus slices for a unique and festive twist.

A closeup of a bowl of potpourri
Photo credit: Jasmine Pang 

Make a room spray.

Another great way to use your potpourri is by using it as a natural spray for your room. Simply scoop the mixture into a spray bottle, then pour in some water and several drops of essential oils, and you have yourself a simple yet effective room refresher.

Create a festive holiday wreath.

If you enjoy crafting, why not use your DIY skills to spread holiday cheer with a fun and festive wreath? You can attach your potpourri mix to your wreath, making sure to incorporate other sweet-smelling seasonal elements such as pine cones, dried orange slices, or cinnamon sticks to go along with your motif.

Enhance the romance.

Everyone sprinkles rose petals on a bed or bathtub to spark feelings of passion and desire. But instead of using the same ol’ roses, why not switch it up by using your potpourri mix instead? You can sprinkle your mix onto the bed, in a warm bath, or even down the center aisle at a wedding or special event.


Whether it’s luxury or ease, every area of your home should be as fabulous and unique as you.



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