7 Color Palettes That Let Your Guests Know Fall Is Here
Home Deep Autumn Color Palettes For Your Home

7 Color Palettes That Let Your Guests Know Fall Is Here

September 27, 2023 at 11:24 AM PST
Home Deep Autumn Color Palettes For Your Home

7 Color Palettes That Let Your Guests Know Fall Is Here

September 27, 2023 at 11:24 AM PST

Fall season is finally upon us. This means it is time for football season, Pillsbury Halloween sugar cookies, crunching leaves, baking, jazz music, candles and of course the fall staple that everyone looks forward to every year, pumpkin spice drinks and flavored desserts. Known as soup season and for the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays, fall is a time for dressing up, getting together with family and eating delicious foods.

Fall is also all about color. From fashion to home decor to the leaves right outside your home, the color palettes for fall give off a warm and comforting tone, perfect for this comfort season. It is time to put away those summer decorations and bring out those deep autumn colors of the season.

To help get you started, here are seven deep autumn color palettes that are just right for the home during this season.

Dark Orange for Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Dark Orange for deep autumn color palettes for fall. Pictured: Orange Halloween Pumpkin decorations.

When one thinks of deep autumn color palettes, dark orange might be the first color to come to mind. This color is heavily associated with fall, especially Halloween and Thanksgiving. Not only do you see this color on pumpkins, Thanksgiving decorations and just about every pumpkin spice-themed packaging in stores, but this color is also perfect for your home decor. Add some dark orange fake leaves around your tables, place a few pumpkins (fake or real) inside and outside of your house and add a few dark orange fleece blankets.

To take things up a notch, add dark orange furniture such as a velvet sofa, string lights, pillows, candles and an indoor or outdoor wreath. If you are a huge Halloween or Thanksgiving fan, this color can be utilized in garlands, wall decor and figurines. Add this deep autumn color palette to your kitchen or bathroom with cute mugs, fun Halloween-themed soaps and candles, snack trays, tea towels and more.

Dark Brown

Dark brown for deep autumn color palettes. Pictured: A brown couch.

Another leaf color and popular deep autumn color palette, dark brown pairs well with the dark orange and is a great shade for home decor. Adding dark brown furniture such as a chair or couch sets the tone for this color palette. For fun fall decor, add brown artificial leaves, fake pine cones, a brown fall-themed welcome mat, a throw blanket or a wreath to your home. To add some organization, add a large brown woven basket to your living room to store your extra blankets and pillows. This dark brown shade also pairs well with orange pumpkins and fake leaves.

Olive Green for a Deep Autumn Color Palette

Olive green decorations to include in your deep autumn color palette. Pictured: An olive green autumn mug with fall decorations.

Another deep autumn color palette to add to your home is olive green. While this color is great year-round, this dark tone brings out the excitement of the fall season. Start by pairing dark olive green furniture and decor like pillows, ottomans, glass vases, rugs and books in your home to add touches of this color around the house. If you want to go full-on green, pull out the velvet accent chairs, couches and tables to transform your space into a dark green oasis.


Maroon decoration ideas for deep autumn color palettes. Pictured: Fall decorations.

Nothing says fall like a deep red color. Maroon is not just a staple lipstick color, this deep red and burgundy color is the perfect shade to have in your house while jazz music plays in the background and soup is on the stove. This gorgeous color pairs well with both of the colors above and your guests will feel like they are stepping into fall as soon as they enter your home. Add a few maroon pillows along with fake maroon flowers and a rug to your living space.

Dress up your home by using command strips to add burgundy lamp fixtures to your wall or add an array of maroon leaves paired with the dark orange and brown colors. In the kitchen you can display fake cranberries, cookie jars, oven mitts and towel sets. Burn a cranberry or maroon color candle to add scent and essence to your home.

Eggplant Purple

A fall-themed decoration wreath is perfect for utilizing a deep autumn color palette. Pictured: A wreath with eggplant purple, orange, red, and green.

This deep autumn color palette isn’t just for fall fashion. While you might see this color on the runway and in clothing stores and magazines, this shade also adds a touch of class and a warm fall aesthetic to your home. This deep purple color is great for accessorizing with white and beige tones. If you have a white couch, add a few purple pillows and maybe a throw blanket to accessorize your home. A purple vase with maroon flowers and fake leaves work well in contrast with this dark purple color.

Black and White for Spooky Season

Ghost and pumpkin decorations for deep autumn color palettes. Pictured: Lit up ghost and pumpkin decorations.

Keep things plain and simple with black and white. This deep autumn color palette is perfect for Halloween lovers and there is so much to do with this color. Do a ghost theme by adding black and white ghost-shaped pillows or ghost-designed blankets. Or, create your own DIY giant ghost for your home. Add Black cat figurines, skull and skeleton decorations, cauldrons, witch hat decorations, books, wreaths, lights and candy bowls for fun. Not only are black and white simple colors, but they also pair well with all of the above colors and can be utilized for creative and fun decorations. The beauty of this color scheme is that it can be used for indoor and outdoor decorations.



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