10 of the Best Colors That Go With Green
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10 of the Best Colors That Go With Green

September 22, 2023 at 9:34 PM PST
Updated on September 26, 2023 at 9:34 PM PST
Home What Color Goes Best With Green

10 of the Best Colors That Go With Green

September 22, 2023 at 9:34 PM PST
Updated on September 26, 2023 at 9:34 PM PST

The color green has a very calming essence to it, often found in nature. For this reason, many people look to it and its different shades when thinking about decorating, painting and accenting a room. Known as the 2022 color of the year by Sherwin Williams, green comes in many different ranges and shades. From sage green to shamrock green to forest green to lime green to seaweed green, there are hundreds of shades of green to choose from and shades vary from hue, brightness and chroma. And to make things even better, there are plenty of colors that complement green as well.

When thinking about what colors to pair with green, black and white might come to mind, but you don’t want to stop there. there are so many different colors that pair well with multiple shades of green. Since there are so many shades of green, neutral colors, pastel colors and bright colors are all great choices to choose from.

So, what color goes best with green? Here are ten colors to pair with the calming, nature-like pigment.

Light Pink and Green

Wondering what color goes best with green? This pastel pink and green tone are the perfect combination. Pictured: A pink and green room.

Light pink isn’t just for baby showers. With the rise of Barbie-core this year, the color pink has been popping up on everyone’s radar lately. Pink and green is a classic color combination for outfits, bedrooms and bathrooms and this hue pairs well with multiple shades of green. If you’re decorating a bedroom, bathroom, home office or kitchen, pairing these two colors together will add a bit of playfulness and color to your home.

Back to Basics Black

Black furniture paired with a green bedroom for what color goes with green. Pictured: A girl with her dog in a green bedroom with black decor.

When pairing a color with green, you can also go with the basics. Black is a nice color to pair with green because it essentially goes with any color and shade. This neutral shade adds a sophisticated touch to any green room. Creating a zen environment, black can be used as an accent color on furniture, lighting and decor, especially when the room is painted an emerald or dark green.


Other Shades of Green

A sage green room with dark green pillows and leaf decor. Pictured: A bedroom.

Although it might seem obvious to pair green with other shades of green, layering multiple shades of green can make a colorful and serene combination. Light shades of green, sage green or seafoam green can contrast well with darker shades of green like seaweed, pine or juniper. Having multiple shades of green creates a flow and color palette that will make a statement in your home.

Red Light, Green Light

A red bedroom paired with green bedspread for what color goes with green. Pictured: A red bedroom with green decorations.

Red and green aren’t just Christmas colors, this pairing can be used all year round as well. This festive and colorful combination brings a joyful light to your home. Pairing an emerald or light green with a bright candy apple red or dark maroon red will make your home look festive all year long. Paint your walls red and add a festive green bedspread or vice versa. Adding dark green decor such as bookshelves, a nightstand, or tables to a red room also makes a great pairing.

Light Blue

A light blue couch paired with a green plant. Pictured: A living space.

A favorite combination in many homes, light blue has become a color that goes well with green. This baby blue color pairs well with shades of pastel and sage green. The vibrant pastel tones in this color scheme make for a bright and exciting home and this bold combination creates a soothing environment, as both green and blue are known to be calming colors.

Orange is the New … Green

Orange Lights paired with green room decor for color ideas that go with green. Pictured: A green and orange bedroom.

Add a little bit of warmth to your home by adding tones and shades of orange. This daring color contrast works well because the brightness of the orange brings out the dim shade of green. For this color combination, pairing a bright tangerine shade of orange with sage green or emerald makes for a bold and eye-catching hue. If you have a white room, but still want to use this combination, pair some orange lights with green furniture, a bedspread, or decor to add warmth to the green shade.


Green chairs with a white wall. Pictured: A dining room.

Go plain and simple with a white shade. For those who are focused on keeping a simple home design with a green shade, white pairs well and is fairly easy to decorate. Adding white furniture and decor will elevate the space and give it a classy look while making the space feel clean and organized. Sometimes, figuring out color schemes to work with can be a tricky task, so using white decor makes things a bit easier.

Lavender for a Floral Look

A purple and green room for color schemes that go with green. Pictured: A room.

Pairing a pastel shade of lavender with green will make you feel like you have walked straight into a lavender field of flowers. This beautiful floral shade pairs well with pastel and sage green. Use the color block technique to paint your walls green and lavender, or create a space with green furniture and add touches of pastel purple accessories and home decor to add to the space.


A bedroom with green and gold decor for bedroom ideas for what color goes with green. Pictured: A bedroom.

Go for the gold! Paired with multiple shades of green, this color adds a sophisticated and classy vibe to any room you’re decorating. Use colors like emerald green or olive green to paint and add gold furniture and decor to turn any room in your house into an upscale work of art. Adding gold-colored chairs, gold vases, a gold nightstand, pendant lights or gold dresser knobs will take this space to a new level.

Light Yellow

A room with shades of green and yellow. Pictured: A bedroom.

Last but not least on the list of what color goes with green is yellow. While multiple shades of yellow can pair with green, some shades add an earthy tone to the room. To bring out the brightness of a room, go with a sunshine shade of yellow. Add a wallpaper with bright yellow tones to create a happy environment in the room. A mustard or earthy shade of yellow pairs well with sage and forest green and adds an energizing element to the room.


Whether it’s luxury or ease, every area of your home should be as fabulous and unique as you.



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