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Renovate DIY Striped Wallpaper

Here's How to DIY Hand-painted Wallpaper Like Influencer Lauren Comer

November 30, 2023 at 3:31 PM PST

Can’t find wallpaper that suits your home? Or maybe you’ve found the perfect pattern, but each roll costs a fortune. Either way, you need a cost-effective solution that also suits your style. DIY creator Lauren Comer, known as @pinchplateparty, has the perfect trick to shape up those boring walls. If you’re unfamiliar with Comer’s content, her DIY projects are all about improving your home and elevating your lifestyle. From the kitchen to the porch, she offers savvy and innovative ideas for the everyday DIY-er to design a home that’s too beautiful and accommodating to leave.

Photo Credit: Lauren Comer

For this installment of her DIY series, Comer invited Home and Texture along to reveal how she achieved this striped, hand-painted wallpaper without actually buying any. Her method is so quick and easy you won’t believe the results weren’t store-bought. Here’s how she added these burgundy statement walls to her laundry room.

The Process

To attempt this DIY, you need two paint colors. You’ll want a smooth application, so to begin, Comer prepped her walls by removing outlets and switch covers. Next, she used painter’s tape to section off her baseboards and ceilings. Then, she painted on the base color, which she advises using no more than two coats. Finally, it’s time to add the stripes.

Using a level and delicate surface painter’s tape, she mapped out her custom stripes. Although Comer chose vertical ones, you can even try horizontal or diagonal patterns. Once your tape is down, paint over it with your second color. If you feel the wall is still too transparent, apply another coat, but, like the base, no more than two. After drying, carefully remove the tape to reveal your gorgeous new walls! Touch up any spots with an artist’s paintbrush, and voila! You’ve created handpainted wallpaper that adds more than depth to your home but a unique personal touch, too.


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