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Lighting Eclectic House Lamps

Embrace Your Eclectic Style With These 10 Groovy Table Lamps

August 25, 2023 at 5:46 PM PST
Lighting Eclectic House Lamps

Embrace Your Eclectic Style With These 10 Groovy Table Lamps

August 25, 2023 at 5:46 PM PST

When it comes to adding statement decor pieces to your home, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with the amount of options you have to choose from. Yet, there is something irresistible about finding some intriguing, eclectic house lamps to spruce up your living space. There’s just something fun and random about having an eye-catching house lamp. Whether it’s colorful, bodacious, or a little gaudy, it’s hard to not look at lamps that keep your attention.

Besides, retro and vintage home decor is coming back with a bang, and even if you don’t want to embrace the trend completely, you can still score yourself a groovy lamp.

Eclectic House Lamps To Place Throughout Your Home

In fact, eclectic lamps are all the rave now. Between the Barbiecore and coastal cowgirl interior looks, people are looking to the past for inspiration. Right now, the mushroom lamps are a must-have with Millennials. This lamp trend has amassed over 6 billion views on TikTok, so it’s hard to ignore. It has a cool, 1970s vibe to it and looks like a piece of furniture you can keep for years. It’s similar to the touch-control lamps that were all the rave in the 1980s that were in everyone’s grandmother’s house.

But you don’t have to buy a mushroom lamp to get the eclectic, retro look.  There are a number of interesting, unique lamps that mesh art design and interior design together. It’s true, you can have a sophisticated, abstract, vivid house lamp that isn’t a lava lamp. If you’re ready to add an unexpected twist to your lights, check out these 10 table lamps that will transform any room.

Alora Table Lamp

Here's a refreshing, groovy lamp that would look great on an end table or in your entryway. This lamp is fun and will brighten up the mood in any room.

Atolla Tassel Table Lamp

Give your entryway or living room a little extra je ne sais quoi with this eye-catching lamp. Draped in beautiful tassels that will leave an impression, this lamp comes in four striking colors.

Everly Quinn Mccoll Metal Table Lamp

Here's a modern take on the viral mushroom lamp that’s trending on social media. This lamp will give you years of usage no matter how you decide to upgrade your home interiors. With this timeless brass lamp, you will always have the right amount of modern flair in your home.

Farol Cermaic Table Lamp

This futuristic oblong-shaped lamp is a great option when you need light but are limited in space. This lamp emits a lovely incandescent light that can make any room feel more serene.

Glass Gem LED Table Lamp

Nothing highlights a true eclectic style like a beautiful gem. In this case, this glass gem LED lamp will brighten up any room with its rainbow-colored lightning effects.

Ingrid Table Lamp

This lamp has an unforgettable structure that invokes both high-concept design and art made for your home. This lamp can be placed in any room where you need a pop of color or a statement piece.

Iridescent Globe Table Lamp

Whether you turn this light on or off, this groovy lamp will surely make an impression. This luminous lamp has a gorgeous champagne-colored finish to give your space the perfect touch of luxury.

KAWOTI Modern Distressed Gold Table Lamp

Add more glamour to your home with this modern gold lamp. With a three-way socket to turn your light on, this lamp will glow on any table.

Kartell Take Bedside Lamp

Choose between six contrasting colors with this vibrant bedside lamp. This lamp is truly a beauty with its callback to the retro lava lamps that bridge an old concept with new technology.

Turquoise Finish Ceramic Table Lamp

Far from basic, this ceramic table lamp adds the perfect touch to your living space with its moody turquoise coloring. This lamp has a slightly upcycled feel to it with its distinct faded coloring on the top and side.

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