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House Tours House Tours, Tamara McLaughlin

Elevate Your Home With a Modern Country-Western Twist Like Designer Tamara McLaughlin

September 8, 2023 at 8:50 PM PST
House Tours House Tours, Tamara McLaughlin

Elevate Your Home With a Modern Country-Western Twist Like Designer Tamara McLaughlin

September 8, 2023 at 8:50 PM PST

As the season turns and we crave a sense of coziness and nostalgia, adding a touch of country-western flair to your home can bring that rustic comfort you’re looking for. We were inspired by designer Tamara McLaughlin’s country-western living room with a spin. “I wanted it to feel a little bit country-western, but with a spin on it,” she shares in the latest Home & Texture’s House Tours episode.

Through mixing decor and texture, McLaughlin brought her country-western dreams to life with a modern twist. For example, the alligator head that she placed near her fireplace is gilded, giving it a luxe look and feel. The textures in this room are a unique mix of denim and leather, and she brings everything together with a gorgeous cowhide rug and cow print pillows.

Photo Credit: Nina Menconi

Whether you’re a city slicker or prefer country living, you can effortlessly integrate this timeless style into your modern living spaces without compromising luxury, just like Tamara McLaughlin.

Start With Texture and Fabric

High-quality fabrics like leather, suede, and denim can instantly evoke a Western vibe. Add a plush sofa or a couple of weathered leather armchairs to your living room. Cowhide rugs are the perfect way to bring home that countryside aura. Opt for denim or suede throw pillows if you want to add a country-western flair to your bedroom.

Invest in Classic Wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture is a must when bringing a country-western aesthetic to life. From handcrafted wooden tables and armoires to bookshelves made from oak, pine, or hickory, these pieces are visually striking, durable, and functional. A well-placed wooden side table or coffee table has the power to anchor a room and provide a sense of rustic authenticity.

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Photo Credit: Hannah Busing

Accentuate With Metal and Stone

Metal accents like wrought iron candle holders or a copper-framed mirror add a rugged yet elegant edge. Like in McLaughlin’s home, a fireplace surrounded by a stone façade could be the focal point that ties everything together.

Earthy Tones

Stick to an earthy color palette when designing a country-western space. Think warm browns, soft creams, and deep greens. These hues draw reference from the natural landscapes of the great outdoors and are a rich backdrop for your decor.

Country Accessories

Details are everything. Incorporate accessories like antique horseshoes, cowboy hats, or vintage rodeo posters. Place these accessories thoughtfully throughout your space to create visual interest without being overwhelming.

Outdoor Elements

Complete your country-western space with outdoor elements like a potted succulent, tall cactus, or bouquet of wildflowers. Outdoor details add a touch of nature and elevate the entire aesthetic.

Check out the rest of McLaughlin’s home in episode three of Home & Texture’s House Tours season two.



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