Transformer Table: The Extendable Dining Table
Dining Room Transformer Dining Table

This Dining Table Will Completely Transform the Way That You Entertain

Meet the Transformer Table — the shape-shifting furniture that's taking dining rooms by storm.

September 26, 2023 at 4:15 PM PST

Having people over for dinner or holidays often means cramming around a too-small table or awkwardly splitting up between rooms. Not exactly the warm, communal experience we envision for gathering with loved ones, right? Well, the brilliant minds behind Transformer Table have come up with an ingenious solution to finally make hosting effortless no matter your space.

Transformer Table’s newest 4.0 collection features their show-stopping convertible table that shape-shifts to seat anywhere from 1 to 12 people. Yes, you read that right — this smart table expands from a petite console to a 10-foot banquet table at the slide of a lever. It truly has to be seen to be believed.

Starting at just 18 inches wide, the table tops extend outward, supported by a telescoping steel mechanism hidden discreetly within. The steel hardware is durable enough to hold up to 1,500 pounds, yet the table glides smoothly into place once you find your ideal shape and size.

We absolutely love the convenience of fitting a dozen at dinner when you want, then easily converting back to a slim console taking up minimal space when not entertaining. No more bulky leaf storage or makeshift card tables required.

And talk about style — the 4.0 collection debuts six on-trend wood finishes like warm walnut, natural oak, and modern matte elm. Built from 100% solid wood, the look is high-end with heat, liquid and scratch resistant durability.

Complementing the convertible table, Transformer Table offers a matching self-storing bench and stackable bentwood chairs. The whole set bundles together for a cohesive, space-saving design. When it’s just your immediate family, keep it intimate with a bistro set up. Then when the whole crew comes over, simply expand to a roomy banquet in minutes.

But Transformer Table doesn’t just convert for dining needs. Their multitasking coffee table doubles as a lift-top workstation, breakfast tray, and hidden storage unit all in one. We love furniture that can flex with our lifestyle!

Photo Credit: Transformer Table

Created with open concept homes and small space living in mind, the Transformer Table collections truly allow you to make the most of your square footage. No need to permanently dedicate space for a rarely used formal dining situation. These modular pieces seamlessly adapt to how you actually live, play, and entertain every day.

Founders Saskia, Artem and their team clearly put research into understanding modern households. The result is ingeniously practical furniture to accommodate our real habits, priorities, and ever-evolving needs. For a limited time only, you can use the coupon code TAKEOFF100, for $100 off a minimum purchase of $999.

So, if you love hosting but hate the fuss of crowded rooms and messy setup, Transformer Table will be a game changer. From quick family dinners to holidays with the masses, their smart expanding designs will have you eagerly inviting loved ones over — no squeeze required.

Dining Room

The Transformer Table 4.0

This convertible dining table seats 1-12 with smooth one-touch operation. Expand from a sleek 18” console up to a 118” banquet table in seconds. Gorgeous solid wood top in your choice of 6 finishes - no veneers here. Steel mechanism supports up to 1,500 lbs yet stores discreetly away.

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