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DIY Home Spaces Exterior Paints

Exteriors Matter: Here Are Some of Our Favorite Exterior Paint Colors

May 25, 2023 at 8:17 PM PST
Updated on October 9, 2023 at 8:17 PM PST
DIY Home Spaces Exterior Paints

Exteriors Matter: Here Are Some of Our Favorite Exterior Paint Colors

May 25, 2023 at 8:17 PM PST
Updated on October 9, 2023 at 8:17 PM PST

First impressions are everything. This is why we spend so much time making sure we’re on point when entering important meetings and attending social events. The same holds true for our homes. The exterior of your home is the first thing someone sees. Whether you’re entertaining family or hosting a summer soiree with friends, making sure the exterior of your home is as amazing as the interior is important. Choosing an exterior paint color is the perfect opportunity to show off your design personality and enhance the curb appeal of your abode.

Choosing the right color palette is a reflection of your personal taste and creates a visually appealing and inviting exterior.

Here are some tips when choosing exterior paint colors to bring out your design personality:

Consider Your Design Style

The first step to choosing an exterior paint color is to identify your design style. Whether it’s minimalist, eclectic, contemporary, bohemian, or luxe legacy, knowing your design style will help you choose your color palette. This provides a foundation for selecting hues that align with your taste and personality.

Take Inspiration From Your Surroundings

Once you determine your design style, you should observe your surroundings. Be inspired by the surroundings of your home, like landscaping, trees, and other houses in your neighborhood. Choose a color palette that works with your environment and provides a cohesive aesthetic. Earthy tones are a great color palette choice if you live in rustic or natural settings. If you’re in a contemporary or urban environment, bolder color palettes are great for making a statement.

Evaluate the Features of Your Home

Observe the architectural features of your home, such as the trim details, roof color, and stone accents. Choose paint colors that will highlight and complement these features. Cool blues and warm neutrals work harmoniously if you have a red brick exterior.

Consider the Size and Style of Your Home

Choose lighter shades if your house is small to make it appear more spacious. Darker hues are great for adding more elegance and drama to a larger home. Consider your home’s size, proportion, and character when selecting colors.

Experiment With Color Samples

Before committing to a color, request samples and test them out in different areas of your home’s exterior. You can paint small sections of your exterior to see how the color will look in various lighting throughout the day. This will help you decide if the color is a choice you want to stick with.

Stick to Two or Three Main Colors

Choose two or three main colors when deciding the color palette of your house’s exterior. This includes the siding, trim, and accents. Having a cohesive color scheme creates a balanced look.

Think Long Term

When choosing a color palette for your home’s exterior, think about the longevity of the colors and if they will be high-maintenance. Choosing lighter colors means that dirt will show easier. On the other hand, dark colors can fade over time.

Looking for paint inspiration? Keep scrolling to discover some of our favorite exterior paint colors.

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Behr Ultra Cameo White Semi-Gloss Exterior Paint and Primer

Behr Ultra paint and primers are excellent to use for their durability and stain-blocking properties. You can paint with peace of mind because this paint resists rain in as little as an hour after application. The semi-gloss enamel sheen creates a sleek appearance o your home’s exterior. It is ideal to use on shutters, doors, garage doors, windows, and outdoor furniture. It’s also great to be applied on materials like wood, vinyl, stucco, aluminum, metals, and steel. The Cameo White color is part of the brand’s Designer Collection color palette. It is grayed white with an ashen undertone. It’s a beautiful refresh for your home.

PRESTIGE Exterior Paint and Primer, Garden Sage

This ultra-premium brand is paint and primer in one. It has a high hiding formula, which provides amazing coverage with smooth application. The paint is made with 100% acrylic latex paint and is easy to clean with soap and water. The paint is durable and washable and has a premium mildew-resistant coating. It is intended to be used on exterior surfaces like prepared wood, vinyl and cement board siding. The sage color is great to add a serene vibe to your home. It is advised not to paint your existing siding with darker colors than the original as this can cause the siding to warp.

BACKDROP Premium Exterior Paint, Cool, muted, green-gray

This exterior paint color is as cool as its name, Road To Todos Santos. The cool, muted blend of gray, green, and blue is soothing to look at. It has a semi-matte finish and applies smoothly to most exterior body surfaces. It is specially formulated to withstand the elements of Mother Nature, including weather, direct sun, and humidity. It’s made out of high-performing acrylic resin, which is durable, easy to wash, has intense pigment, maximum coverage, and is stain resistant. The dry time is an hour, and it’s advised to wait between three and four hours to recoat. This exterior paint is self-priming, has a low odor, and easy to open and close.

Soto Black All-In-One House And Furniture Paint, Mars Black

This versatile paint brand allows you to use it for your house’s exterior and furniture. Only two coats are required; this product is a paint and a primer. It works on virtually every surface, including furniture, walls, trim, doors, craft projects, and more. You can use it for exterior and interior use. It’s durable and has long-lasting durability. Painted surfaces will be stain-resistant and washable afterward. The matte finish of this paint gives the finished look a sleek, modern appearance. Additionally, this product is pretty much odorless, making it a safe paint. The black hue can be used for house shutters, doors, and outdoor furniture.

PRESTIGE Paints Exterior Paint And Primer In One, Yellow Mustard

Add a spark of joy to your home's exterior all year long with this yellow mustard hue of exterior paint by Prestige Paints. This paint has a high hiding formula, providing amazing coverage and smooth application. It’s made with 100% acrylic latex paint, and is easy to clean up spills with soap and water. This paint can be used on most exterior surfaces, including prepared wood, masonry surfaces, cement board siding, vinyl, and more. Before painting, you should prep the surfaces and remove dirt, grease, mildew, wax and soap residue, and peeling paint. This beautiful yellow mustard shade can be used on your doors, windows, shutters, and outdoor furniture.

PRESTIGE Paints Exterior Paint And Primer In One, Caicos Turquoise

Don’t be intimidated by this turquoise hue — it can be a great way to add bold personality to your home’s exterior without being overwhelming. You can use it as the color of your house or as an accent color on doors, shutters, and outdoor furniture. This paint has a high-hiding formula that provides incredible coverage and a smooth application. Made from 100% acrylic latex paint, this formula allows for easy soap and water cleanup. This high-quality paint is durable and great to use in locations with high humidity. The color and pigmentation can vary due to the application method and the number of times the paint is applied to the exterior surface.

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