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Plants Faux Plants

No Green Thumb? Here Are 5 Faux Plants You Need to Welcome Greenery

September 13, 2023 at 5:06 PM PST
Plants Faux Plants

No Green Thumb? Here Are 5 Faux Plants You Need to Welcome Greenery

September 13, 2023 at 5:06 PM PST

Being a beginner plant mom or plant dad isn’t for the weak. The truth is not everyone was born with a green thumb. Many times you find yourself purchasing a plant only to watch it wither away and die weeks later due to lack of proper care, which can become frustrating and hard on your pockets. If this is something you’ve experienced, consider investing in faux plants.

Artificial plants have become extremely popular and trendy in home decor. Whether they’re small coffee table plants, outdoor hanging plants, or eight-foot-tall plants showcased in your living room, fake plants are the ideal solution to welcoming greenery into your abode. They’re great for livening up any space, adding a realistic feel, and infusing a pop of color and a sense of tranquility.

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Why faux plants?

They’re easy on the pockets.

Say goodbye to purchasing plant food, water cans, plant pots, and anything else you’ll need to take care of a houseplant. You’ll save money by eliminating the need for more trips to the store looking for another convenient plant after one dies, too.

No maintenance is required.

Fake plants don’t require any maintenance. At most, you’ll have to clean your plants to ensure that shiny and brand-new look. It’s an easy task that anyone can do as it requires only the wipe of a dry, soft cloth.

You can dedicate your time elsewhere.

While spending time taking care of plants may sound nice to those with green thumbs, you might be relieved to hear that you no longer have to stick to a schedule and water every plant in your home. Save your time and put it towards a new hobby, running errands, or simply relaxing.

Check out some of the best highly-rated faux plants you need for a new, fresh touch to any space.

Silk Tree Warehouse Bird of Paradise 5 Foot Palm Tree

Made of silk material, this bird of paradise five-foot palm tree will leave you fooled by its realistic impression. This faux plant is one you'll need if you're looking to add a tropical touch to your space. It's perfect for all seasons and features small and large leaves and branches that are bendable, giving you the ability to customize your plant as you wish. The palm tree plant also comes with a small pack of fake moss to create an even more natural look with your faux plant.

93″ Artificial Olive Tree from Threshold Designed by Studio McGee

The Artificial Olive Tree will effortlessly add that sense of nature to your indoor space that you're looking for. Almost eight feet in height, it features lush faux olive leaves for a realistic look and also comes potted inside a beautiful modern white pot that will help elevate your home decor. Create a homey and cozy aesthetic by setting the tree in the corner of your dining room or bedroom, or opt for a welcoming feel when displaying it in your entryway.

West Elm Faux Potted Rubber Tree

The West Elm Faux Potted Rubber Tree was handcrafted just for you. Made with plastic, polyester, and wire, this rubber tree thrives perfectly in any light setting. It also is sold individually or in a plant set. Care is easy—all you need is a soft, dry cloth whenever you see fit to remove dust or dirt. The potted rubber plant comes in a six-foot version in addition to the three-foot. You can choose between the two or grab them both to accompany each other. Whatever you decide, you'll be pleased you added this faux plant to your home for a refreshing and therapeutic vibe.

Nearly Natural Bougainvillea Basket Silk Artificial Hanging Plant

One of the many things that draws us to plants is the festive, bright color it has. That's why the Nearly Natural Bougainvillea Basket Silk Hanging Plant is what you need to add a pop of color to your outdoor space. The name speaks for itself, as these plants look so real, it's "nearly natural." The extended vines gracefully hang over the metal planter while each intricate petal surrounds tiny colored flowers. Hang this feminine faux plant around the front of your home for a stunning first impression you're sure to leave on your guests.  

QL DESIGN Artificial Snake Plant

If you're looking for a faux plant for both outdoors and indoors, consider the QL DESIGN Artificial Snake Plant. With its tall, sharp blade-like leaves, the snake plant makes a great statement with little to no effort. It's handmade with thought and detail, as each green leaf isn't easy to wrinkle or fade. This plant also includes a standard black plant pot perfectly fitted for your stylish home decor.

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