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The Most Popular Flooring Trends of 2023

May 22, 2023 at 4:47 PM PST

With so many trends happening in the home decor space, homeowners now have more choices than ever for their flooring. But when it comes to floor trends, you want to choose a look that not only reflects the design style you love but can also be enjoyed for years to come.

Fortunately, designers and experts weighed in on what homeowners are loving at the moment, and many offer both trendiness and timelessness. Who knows? You may find the next floors for your home below.

Popular Flooring Trends To Consider for Your Home in 2023

A quick bit of advice: When choosing a flooring design for your home, opt for one that is cohesive with the rest of your room. Think of your floors as the foundation of your interiors. You want to start off with dependable flooring that can be tailored to any decor choice you want.

Neutral Colors

For example, mome decor trends may come and go, but neutral colors are never going out of style. Margaret Donaldson, founder of Margaret Donaldson Interiors, told Better Homes & Gardens, “Finishes that are blended with warm and cool tones but also soft satin or matte [finishes] are currently the most popular.” Neutral colors are easy to decorate around and no matter what trend you want to explore for your home, you will always have a solid foundation with neutral colors on your floors.

Pattern Contrast


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Make a striking statement with contrasting floors. This flooring trend is typically seen in the kitchen, but designers and homeowners are becoming more daring and adding them to their living and dining areas, too.

Contrasting floors can be a bold design choice that can add depth and visual interest to any room. The key to successfully incorporating this trend is to ensure that the two flooring options complement each other and do not clash.

Light Colored Wood Finishes

If you find yourself drawn to lighter-colored wood floors, you aren’t the only one. These finishes are simplistic, yet they elevate a room instantly. Lighter wood makes your home look more sophisticated and rich, too.

The versatility of lighter wood floors also enables them to match a wide variety of furniture and decor styles. They create a feeling of spaciousness and can make smaller rooms appear larger and also reflect natural light better, which can brighten up a space and improve your mood.

Terrazzo Flooring

This popular flooring is perhaps the most expensive of the design trends, but many homeowners agree it’s worth it. Terrazzo not only has a beautiful aesthetic appeal, but it’s also durable. It’s almost impenetrable to water and stains, making it a highly sought-after floor trend with homeowners who have high foot traffic in their homes. Not to mention, it creates quite the visual interest, and it’s available in a variety of colors and patterns that allow for customization to suit different interior design styles.

No matter what you decide for your floor, just know you can never go wrong with floors that bring comfort and happiness to your home.



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