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Holiday Etiquette: Selecting the Perfect Gift for Your Party Host or Hostess

December 14, 2023 at 8:08 AM PST

Holiday gatherings, dinners, and parties are some of the best things about this season. They’re what makes the holidays the most wonderful time of the year. However, it often comes with the age-old question: What should you bring for the host or hostess? It’s a common dilemma, but we have some thoughtful gift ideas to help show your appreciation to the lovely host or hostess. After all, good etiquette means never showing up to someone’s home empty-handed.

Choosing a Gift

When selecting a gift, consider your host’s personal tastes and interests. The key is to choose something that is thoughtful and fitting for the occasion. A well-chosen gift shows your appreciation for the invitation and contributes to the joy and warmth of the season.

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Things To Eat

Gourmet Treats

A box of artisan chocolates, a gourmet cheese selection, or a set of exotic teas can be a lovely treat. These items add a touch of luxury to the host’s pantry.

Homemade Goodies

If you love baking or cooking, consider bringing a homemade dish. A batch of cookies, a pie, or a jar of homemade jam adds a personal touch and is often much appreciated.

Make a Lasting Impression

Decorative Items

Consider gifting something that can adorn their home, like a scented candle, a stylish vase, or a set of elegant coasters. These gifts are great for enhancing the host’s home decor.

Potted Plants

A potted plant, such as a festive poinsettia or a low-maintenance succulent, is a gift that keeps on giving. It brings a bit of nature indoors and can be a lasting reminder of the enjoyable time spent together.

Personal Touch

Custom Gifts

Personalized items such as monogrammed towels, engraved picture frames, or a custom-made ornament can make your host feel truly special. These gifts show that you put extra thought into choosing something just for them.

Experiential Gifts

Offering an experience, like a voucher for a cooking class or a wine-tasting session, can be a unique and memorable gift. It’s a great way to encourage your host to enjoy some leisure time after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Chocolate Moonshine Bags of Enrobed Fruit & Nuts

Indulge the host or hostess this holiday season with a decadent gift from Chocolate Moonshine. This present is a delicious assortment of fruit and nut snacks covered in rich chocolate. This set includes five 4-ounce bags, each offering a unique taste experience. Savor the sweetness of milk chocolate blueberries, the rich depth of milk chocolate bourbon black cherries, creamy white chocolate marble tiramisu almonds, milk chocolate sea salt caramel almonds, and cocoa-dusted milk chocolate espresso beans. It’s the perfect gift to surprise and satisfy any chocolate connoisseur.

Soho Home — Kirtle Round Coasters (Set of 4)

Gift your host or hostess a touch of elegance this holiday season with the Soho Home Kirtle Round Coasters. This set of four coasters is an embodiment of sophistication, featuring a dark, rich red and gold-tone palette. Each coaster is crafted with a stunning marbled pattern complemented by a metal circular design that adds a luxurious finish. These coasters are decorative pieces that will enhance any table setting. Practical yet beautiful, they will be appreciated by any recipient who enjoys entertaining in style.

Mary Macleod’s Variety Signature Cookie Tin

These handcrafted, gourmet cookies come in a beautiful blue and gold-tone stackable tin containing 24 premium shortbread cookies in four flavors: classic, chocolate crunch, Dutch chocolate, and maple crunch. Each flavor is made with the finest ingredients, including real creamery butter and high-quality flour, ensuring a pure, buttery taste. This assortment, free of additives and preservatives, is perfect for sharing at holiday parties.

The Sill Money Tree Plant

Elevate your host or hostess’s home this holiday season with the gift of greenery and good fortune—the money tree. Known in Feng Shui as a bringer of luck and prosperity, its resilient nature and ease of care make it an excellent addition to any indoor space. The plant’s distinctive braided trunk and lush green leaves symbolize growth and renewals. Standing 12-16 inches tall, each money tree is unique and comes thoughtfully packaged in a chosen planter.

Personalized Embroidered Kitchen Towel Set

This holiday season, gift your favorite host or hostess something unique and heartfelt with a personalized embroidered kitchen towel set. Perfect for those who express their love through cooking, this 100% cotton set includes two hand towels, two potholders, and one oven mitt. You can personalize these items with a name or two-line message, making it an ideal present to say thank you to the host or hostess.

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