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Decorate Gold Color Combinations

Combine Gold With These Colors for the Ultimate Luxe Look

July 28, 2023 at 5:28 PM PST

Luxury living doesn’t solely equate to having expensive decor. Working gold and other metallics into your color scheme can seriously elevate your home’s glamour. There are many gold mines to choose from when furnishing your place. Though large, fully gold pieces, like coffee tables and dressers, are out there, they’re usually rare and expensive. Instead, you can decorate your home with gold-accented decor. Since gold is the secondary color in these cases, what other shades can you match with such a rich hue?

Most gold decor is made of metal or with a metallic sheen, except for some gold linens. These properties make it easier to find complementary colors that align with your polished interior. Home and Texture found some dazzling color inspiration to help you follow the golden rules of interior design. Keep reading for glamorous and colorful gold pairings to glitz up any space.


Photo credit: Hayley Truong

The globe lamp, marble coffee table, and pink chairs with gold accents, accompanied by the gold planter, transform this soft white corner into a peaceful nook. The towering greenery and gold details mesh well in this space for a combination we’d like to call botanical glam.


Photo credit: Spacejoy

The mix of textures, like velvet and fur, and gold hardware on the nightstands and chandelier are prominent features here. Straight out of an interior handbook, don’t overlook the gold bases on the lamps, ottomans, and bed! These gold accents transform this gray bedroom from dull to modern and sophisticated.


Photo credit: Spacejoy

Gold is at the forefront of this living room. A gold sculpture sits on the side table near the orange accent chair, and the white ottoman in front of the chair has a gold base. Behind it is a gorgeous rattan storage table with gold legs and detailing, and on top of the table is a gold vanity tray with a gold-accented mirror above it. On either side sits a gold planter and floor lamp.


Photo credit: Spacejoy

The breathtaking antique mirror is the star of this space. You can’t help but notice its intricate detailing and grand appearance, reminiscent of the glamour of years past. Surrounded by minimalist decor, the subtlety of everything around this mirror allows it to take center stage. The gold picture frames add even more elegance to the room for a complete look.


Photo credit: Spacejoy

In this room full of green and gold, everything coordinates. From the pink and gold accent chair to the pink and gold bar cart, and the green, gold, and brown artwork to the green and brown hues of the plants, this space is all about cohesion. In addition to those accents, check out the gold planter, side table, and lamp.


Photo credit: Spacejoy

While the orange leather couch is the focal point, gold additions lead the eyes in this living room. The clean, minimal coffee table and gold trinkets accentuate the stunning shelf, mirror, chandelier, and side table. For anyone wanting a hint of gold or trying to figure out what to pair with a bold furniture piece, try what you see here. Subtract and add pieces as necessary to make your house feel like home.


Photo credit: Spacejoy

Though the gold additions are barely there, the look of this bedroom would completely change without them. The modern, rounded bench with a gorgeous gold base is the most apparent flair of gold. Yet, the chandelier, nightstands, and lamps are gold-accented as well. There’s also gold in the artwork. The understated shine of the gold counterbalances the dark colors, making the room more inviting.


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