Home Improvement Pros by State: A Black Business Directory
Renovate Home Improvement Pros by State

These are 50 of the Best Black Home Improvement Pros by State

Consider this your home's Black business directory. Find your state to find your pro!

December 18, 2023 at 1:55 AM PST
Renovate Home Improvement Pros by State

These are 50 of the Best Black Home Improvement Pros by State

Consider this your home's Black business directory. Find your state to find your pro!

December 18, 2023 at 1:55 AM PST

Americans spend a lot of money on home improvement. In fact, according to a research study by Home Stratosphere, Americans spend a whopping $932.771 billion on upgrading their homes every year. Even though home renovation is a booming industry, much of it is dominated by major retailers like Home Depot or Lowe’s. Because of this, smaller businesses get very little shine, and that problem is even worse for Black-owned businesses.

If you spend a lot on home improvement, why not support a Black business in the process? There are hundreds of Black home improvement experts who are ready and available to help renovate your space. Many of them are unseen, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best Black home improvement pros to call when you need help. Take a look!

Alabama – A. G. Gaston Construction Company

If you need a helping hand, A. G. Gaston Construction Company is the way to go. Not only can this Black-owned business help remodel your home, it provides consulting and procurement services to help you manage your project, too!

Alaska – Discount Mechanical Heating and Plumbing Services

Need to upgrade your plumbing system? Check out Discount Mechanical Heating and Plumbing Services for your home improvement needs.

Arizona – Elias Remodeling and Construction

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Elias Remodeling and Construction handles everything from drywall repair to gutter cleaning.

Arkansas – Commercial Construction Contractors of Arkansas

Commercial Construction Contractors of Arkansas can handle many types of home improvement projects with a heavy focus on HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance.

California – West Coast Construction

West Coast Construction, based in Sacramento, California, is the company to call for all your renovation needs.

Colorado – Black and White Builders

Whether you need roofing repairs or kitchen remodeling, Black and White Builders is the company you need.

Connecticut – M.L. Jackson Tree Service

If you need help with landscaping, call M.L. Jackson Tree Service to take care of your needs.

Delaware – Bull’s Home Improvement LLC

Bull’s Home Improvement LLC is a residential remodeling and custom home building company based in Newark, Delaware.

Florida – Turner Construction Company

Turner Construction Company handles everything from turnkey fabrication services to budgeting and cost estimation.

Georgia – Kyra S.

Kyra S. is a woman-owned general contracting business that specializes in residential and commercial projects of varying budgets.

Hawaii – Big Island Klean, LLC

No time for cleaning? No worries. Big Island Klean, LLC can do all the heavy lifting for you.

Idaho – Allure Construction LLC

If you need help with painting and wall covering, trust Allure Construction LLC to meet your needs.

Illinois – Power & Sons Construction

Power & Sons Construction is the go-to when it comes to renovating your home so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the finished product.

Indiana – New Phase Comfort Heating & Cooling

If you’re in the Indianapolis area, consider New Phase Comfort Heating & Cooling for all your HVAC needs.

Iowa – TSR Construction

TSR Construction is the company for you if you’re looking for quality work at a reasonable price point.

Kansas – Mosaic Construction Company

For expert renovation services, call Mosaic Construction Company to get you right.

Kentucky – ARGC Construction Group

ARGC Construction Group is the best when it comes to performing upgrades for residential properties.

Louisiana – A-Team General Contracting

A-Team General Contracting are the fixer uppers you need to call to take care of all your renovation needs.

Maine – Petrin Home Services

Looking to remodel your home? Trust Petrin Home Services to handle your plumbing, HVAC, and other needs with care.

Maryland – Titus General Contractor Inc

Whether you need help remodeling your cabinetry or repairing your roofing, Titus General Contractor Inc is the company for you.

Massachusetts – River City Construction Inc

From basement remodeling to deck construction, River City Construction Inc can do it all.

Michigan – Michigan General Contractors

Looking to repair your drywall? Look no further than Michigan General Contractors. They can handle drywall repairs, painting, roofing, and so much more.

Minnesota – Tri-Construction

Tri-Construction performs a wide selection of home improvement tasks, from framing and drywall to carpentry.

Mississippi – Ridgeway Homes

Ridgeway Homes is an exceptional company specializing in custom home design, flooring, garage services, and more.

Missouri – Whitley Construction Company, LLC

For construction, demolition, and everything in between, call Whitley Construction Company, LLC.

Montana – McCall Homes

When searching for a reputable home builder, trust McCall Homes to create your dream home from top to bottom.

Nebraska – Blair Freeman

The only Black-owned, women-run construction company in Nebraska, Blair Freeman is the go-to for all your renovation needs.

Nevada – Mason Building Company Inc.

When you need a helping hand, Mason Building Company Inc. is the go-to for all your home improvement needs.

New Hampshire – W. Santos Construction Services, LLC

If you need excavation services in New Hampshire, W. Santos Construction Services, LLC is your best bet.

New Jersey – Kent General Contracting LLC

No matter if you need floor, roofing, or landscaping services, give Kent General Contracting LLC a try — you won’t be disappointed.

New Mexico – Eric Spurlock

From luxury home design to landscaping services, Eric Spurlock is your best bet if you want trustworthy and reliable home improvement services.

New York – McKissack & McKissack

McKissack & McKissack is the oldest black-owned and woman-led construction company in America. They were even contracted to build terminals at JFK and Laguardia Airports!

North Carolina – Rest Assured Plumbing, LLC

Need plumbing services? Rest Assured Plumbing, LLC is the company to call.

North Dakota – Alpha’s Handy Service

If you need help with plumbing, electrical, painting, sheetrock, Alpha’s Handy Service is your best bet.

Ohio – DB3 Solutions General Contractor

For residential general contracting and sanitation services in the Cincinnati area, try DB3 Solutions General Contractor.

Oklahoma – Chante Management Company, LLC (Residential & Commercial Remodeling)

Whether you need cleaning, furniture assembly, drywall repair, or another renovation service, Chante Management Company, LLC has you covered.

Oregon – Albina Construction LLC

Based in Portland, Oregon, Albina Construction LLC is a godsend when you need fast and affordable home improvement services.

Pennsylvania – MDI General Contracting

MDI General Contracting is an ideal choice if you want a reliable general construction company that delivers quality results.

Rhode Island – Ojam Construction, LLC

If you’re in Rhode Island and you need home improvement services, try Ojam Construction LLC to handle your project for you.

South Carolina – Jordan Construction Company

For quality interior and exterior repair and maintenance, call the pros at Jordan Construction Company.

South Dakota – A & A Tree & Shrub Co.

For quality landscaping services, call A&A Tree & Shrub Co. to handle your needs.

Tennessee – Anderson Contractors

If you need a general contractor that can work on your home from top to bottom, try Anderson Contractors for the job.

Texas – Con Real, LP

Con Real, LP is the largest Black-owned construction and real estate company in Texas, so give them a shot for your next home improvement project.

Utah – One Mission Construction

One Mission Construction is a must-try if you’re looking for a safe, reliable, and affordable general contractor.

Vermont – Green State Builders, LLC

Repping Vermont is Green State Builders, a helpful construction company based in Essex Junction.

Virginia – Housergy Construction & Holdings

When you a hand with home renovation, count on Housergy Construction & Holdings to handle the job with care.

Washington – GTA General Contractors

From demolition to drywall, GTA General Contractors can do it all.

West Virginia – Home Evolution Repair and Remodeling

If you could use a fixer upper, you can count on Home Evolution Repair and Remodeling to take care of whatever you need.

Wisconsin – Hopkins Mechanical & Design LLC

When you need a hand elevating your home, try Hopkins Mechanical & Design LLC for all your home improvement needs.

Wyoming – Marv’s Plumbing & Heating

For quality plumbing and heating services, this Cheyenne based company is a popular choice.


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