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7 Tips to Give Your Laundry The Cleanest Scent Every Load

August 14, 2023 at 11:12 PM PST

Have you ever pulled your laundry out of the dryer, only to realize your clothes smell like they were never washed? We’ve all experienced this particularly annoying moment one too many times. If you’re lacking the laundry skills that make your home smell like a crisp linen candle on wash day, we’ve found the remedy. Home and Texture has you covered with five helpful tips to keep your laundry smelling clean.

1. Clean your washing machine regularly.

Sometimes, your washing machine is the culprit of bad smells. Since most laundry machines have a “self-clean” or “sanitize” cycle, you can set it there to begin cleaning. If your machine is older or doesn’t have these options, run it on the longest cycle it allows. To properly clean your machine, add 1/2 a cup of bleach or white vinegar to the dispenser of fill it to the max line for the best odor elimination. You can also try to find a specialty cleaner for your machine’s particular brand. After the cycle ends, run one more rinse and spin to get rid of any liquid that might still be in the drum. Finally, if you have a front-loading washer, wipe down and dry the rubber gasket with whatever you used during the cleaning cycle.

Additionally, leave the washer door open at the end of each laundry day to avoid mildew odors on your clothing.

2. Don’t wait to wash smelly clothes and activewear.

The best way to ensure odors set in is to let sweaty clothes sit in your hamper until your next laundry day. Though most people wash clothes once per week, you should ideally wash your activewear more often. For those who are more active, it may not be practical to use the washing machine daily. However, in these cases, hand washing is a great alternative. If neither works for your schedule, keeping your smelly clothing in a separate, breathable hamper is a better option than leaving them sitting with your other clothes for days.

3. Be proactive and pre-treat your stains.

Stained your favorite shirt? Pretreating is your secret weapon. If you spill something or get a spot, don’t panic. Grab a stain remover or mix detergent with water, spray it onto the stain, and let it sit. For tough stains, leave it on for a few days.

4. Dry your wet laundry ASAP.

Once that musty mildew smells sets in, it can be really tough to bring the freshness out of your clothes again. Sometimes, you might even toss out items that are mildewed. To steer clear of this, never let damp clothes sit around, whether it’s inside or outside the washer.

5. Scent laundry your laundry with essential oils or satchels.

Adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your laundry routine can transform the experience from ordinary to extraordinary. You can infuse amazing smells into your clothes with a few sprays of an essential oil and water mix or directly drop a hint of oil into the washing machine. Here, you want to avoid going overboard. Using too much oil of any kind could potentially stain your clothing.

Alternatively, use scented sachets or natural materials like cedar, odor absorbers for a wardrobe that always feels and smells freshly fragranced. Just tuck them into drawers or wherever you store your clothing, and let them work their magic. For a combination that can’t fail, spray your clothes with your essential oil mix before storing.

The key to amazing-smelling clothes is to prepare before laundry day. With these tips, you’re on your way to laundry that smells heavenly all day.



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