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How IKEA’s AI-Powered Assistant Is Changing the Game in Home Furnishing

Transform your living space with the innovative touch of IKEA’s AI-Powered Assistant.

March 6, 2024 at 7:46 PM PST

IKEA is the latest brand to tap into artificial intelligence with the launch of its new tool, IKEA AI Assistant, named IKEA Kreativ. Exclusively accessible via the OpenAI GPT Store, this tool is redefining the home design landscape. It offers a bespoke solution, tailoring furniture and decor suggestions to fit the unique dimensions, style preferences, sustainability considerations, budget, and functional needs of each user. Last year, IKEA launched an AI assistant to help users with the layout of their furniture, but IKEA Kreativ differs by giving you a more personalized experience.

Whether you’re envisioning a snug living room for a compact space or seeking sustainable material options, the AI assistant is equipped to cater to your specific needs.

IKEA AI Assistant
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Francesco Marzoni, IKEA’s Chief Data & Analytics Officer, emphasizes the company’s hands-on approach to AI integration. “We activated a broad ecosystem of partners to bring to life several experiments so that we can take part in the AI evolution as we shape our company strategy,” he says in a press release.

Currently, the IKEA AI Assistant is available to GPT Plus users in the US, with plans to expand its reach to other markets throughout the year.

IKEA Kreativ

This AI assistant offers a hands-on, personalized design experience that will make you feel like you’re working with an interior designer. The AI’s capability to generate design inspirations and realistically integrate IKEA products into your space is a game-changer. It addresses the overwhelming challenge of envisioning how new pieces will complement your existing decor.

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How to Use the IKEA AI Assistant

Accessing IKEA Kreativ is as easy as starting a conversation. Here’s how you can make the most of this innovative tool:

1. Visit the OpenAI GPT Store: Access the IKEA Assistant from the GPT Store, available exclusively to ChatGPT subscribers at no additional cost.
2. Be Specific: When you make a request, be as detailed as possible. Mention the room you’re focusing on, your preferred style, budget, color palette, and any other needs. Use descriptive terms like “eccentric,” “modern,” or “Scandinavian” to help the AI understand your vision.
3. Review Recommendations: The assistant will provide you with a curated list of products, including prices, reviews, and images, explaining why these items suit your home.
4. Visualize Your Space: Request AI-generated images to see how selected IKEA products can transform your room.

To experience the future of home design, visit the OpenAI GPT Store and choose IKEA Assistant.


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