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6 Interior Design Trends To Leave Behind in 2023

Say goodbye to outdated styles and pave the way for a fresh and contemporary living space in 2024.

January 4, 2024 at 7:24 AM PST

Now that the new year is upon us, design enthusiasts are forecasting which 2023 trends are in and which are on their way out. Did any of your favorite trends not make the cut? These are the six interior design trends that experts say should stay in 2023.


The industrial design trend boasts a pretty hefty fan following, with homeowners from around the world incorporating elements of the style into their spaces. But while exposed brick walls, open shelving, and factory cart coffee tables made big waves in 2023, don’t expect the trend to continue into the new year.

If you’re wondering what changed, Planner 5D designer Alice Moszczynski told Insider that “people are shifting towards cozier and more inviting vibes. The exposed brick and metal fixtures might make way for softer and more comfortable styles.”

So if you want to stay on trend, skip the pipe furniture, and opt for plush, upholstered finds instead.

Photo credit: Camylla Battani

Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse is a super popular design trend that took over our social media feeds. But if you expect to see shiplap and barn doors in the new year, think again. The interior design space is moving on to bigger and better, and unfortunately, that means the farmhouse fad is very likely to be left behind.

But if modern farmhouse is your favorite trend, you can still integrate elements of it into your space without it appearing outdated. For example, adding inspired materials such as reclaimed wood or rustic metal to your home is a great way to add a touch of farmhouse charm well into 2024.

Fast Furniture

Fast furniture is another popular design trend known for its affordability, quick delivery, and trendiness. But as more people learn about the negative environmental impact that manufacturing this kind of furniture creates, many are moving away from it altogether.

Fortunately, in its place, are a growing number of sustainable brands committed to eco-friendly practices and ethical production. So in 2024, not only can you expect to see an increase in sustainable options, but you can do your part by shopping environmentally-aware products, too.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles have taken over the interior design space, especially when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom. However, CEO and founder of Blythe Interiors Jennifer Verruto advises that this popular trend is on its way out…kind of. In an interview with Insider, Verruto explains that in 2024, subway tiles are going to be revamped, turning away from the traditional to a more modern style.

“It doesn’t get much more classic than subway tile, but instead of the traditional brick lay, put a modern spin by stacking the tiles, either vertically or horizontally.”

Photo credit: Nathan Fertig


A neutral color palette is the golden child of interior design. And within that palette emerged a very popular shade that quickly became a fan favorite: gray. The color gray had a pretty serious moment in the design sphere. But according to experts, that moment is swiftly running short.

Gray is a neutral color that can be easily built upon, making it a very popular tone to decorate with in 2023. But over time, many design enthusiasts realized that the color gray can be pretty boring when used in excess. And as a result, the push for bolder, brighter colors is expected to make way in 2024.

Quotes as Framed Art

If you can’t bear to see another framed picture with the words “Live. Laugh. Love.” plastered in the middle, you’re not alone. In fact, design experts reveal that the trend of using motivational quotes as framed art is on its way out.



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