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Decorate Kitchen Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Transform Your Empty Kitchen Countertops With These 5 Decorating Ideas

Your kitchen countertops don't have to be boring. You can easily enhance their aesthetic by following a few simple tips.

January 10, 2024 at 9:20 AM PST

Empty kitchen counters are an interior design flaw that makes the entire space lack character despite its aesthetics. Contrary to your Pinterest inspo board, that’s not a sign to buy a SMEG toaster or Le Creuset tea kettle if you won’t actually use them. For the design-forward kitchen, moving away from various appliances, like coffee machines, that typically act as counter fillers invites more creativity into the space. Relying on these items too heavily often leads many to overlook elements that give a kitchen warmth, transforming it from a practical workstation to a welcoming corner of your home.

That’s not to say that functional items can’t double as decor, but something purely decorative should complement their minimalistic aspects to offer a livelier look. As with any room, remember you can style your kitchen however you want. To help you add the final touches to the kitchen of your dreams, here are five elements you can incorporate to design a dynamic, Instagrammable masterpiece.

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1. Show off your art collection.

While the kitchen isn’t the first place you might think to display art, leaning a painting or two against the backsplash in your kitchen works as a contrasting element. Visual layering can enhance the entire room, especially in a minimalistic space. Since kitchens often have intricate tile or wallpaper, framed art is best when creating a visible line of separation. Furthermore, frames will protect pieces from splashes and spills.

2. Add color with a bowl of fruit.

The perfect snack and a classic kitchen decor element, vibrant bowls of fruit make for a charming and practical addition. Generally, citrus fruits and bananas are popular pairings, but there are no limits. Consider a melody of whole pineapples, peaches, and pears.

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3. Spotlight sculptures, vases, and other finds.

Sculptural elements add definition to the kitchen and allow you to experiment with various shapes, sizes, and textures. Vases, figurines, and abstract ceramics are all great choices and should sit at a high point, such as a floating shelf. Unless your piece is large, you’ll want to pair elements together for a complete look. Furthermore, displaying vintage or unique kitchen finds elevates the sophistication and grandeur of the space.

4. Layer cutting boards.

The versatility of cutting boards lends them to be an intriguing decor staple. Moreover, they are a practical and functional item you can grab when serving a few appetizers or enjoying a quick snack. For a contemporary, organic design style, wooden cutting boards are the ideal pick. But don’t forget about patterned, marble, glass, and solid-colored boards. Stack these up from largest to smallest and sit them next to a vase of gorgeous florals or stems to make your counter more interesting.

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5. Go green or floral

If you’ve got a green thumb, the kitchen is one of the best places to put it to work. Decorating your counter with lavish bouquets and leafy plants adds a fresh and natural element that also elevates the vibrance of the room. Try creating a focal point with these by combining them with a textured vase.


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