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Living room Curtain Colors

These Are the Curtain Colors You Should Avoid Using in Your Living Room

July 25, 2023 at 12:15 AM PST

If you’re trying to achieve an elegant and well-polished living room, it’s worth considering what curtain colors you should avoid. Curtains should last you throughout the season, so they should grow with your home, not further apart from it. This is why learning about the right curtains to use can help you curate the perfect overall look and feel of the space.

Living Room Curtain Colors To Avoid

curtain colors not to use
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One tip that design experts agree on is that you should steer clear of busy, overly patterned curtains. While they might look nice for an event or a night of hosting, having them hanging all the time can shift your mood and not necessarily for the better.


Believe it or not, one of the colors you should avoid as drapes is the color white. It’s important to exercise caution with pure white tones because stark white curtains can look sterile against light-colored walls, ultimately detracting from the overall aesthetic of the room. To achieve a more elegant and nuanced look, it’s best to opt for soft white or cream shades that can maintain a subtle, tone-on-tone effect. By doing so, you can ensure that your curtains enhance the overall design of your space without detracting from the warmth.


Another color you should avoid for your living room curtains is the color red. While red can be a celebratory color, especially around the holidays, red as year-round curtains can be hard on the eyes and can disrupt your already established home decor. Red curtains can also date your home, so if you are a Millennial or younger, you may want to avoid this color for your living room space.

Dark Blue

With the exception of black-out curtains, you should avoid dark blues or any dark curtains in your living room. If you must use black-out curtains, opt for some shades that are not too dark but still create a light and airy feel, which is ideal. Dark drapes can dampen the mood in your living room area that gets the most foot traffic. However, if you must have dark curtains, you should opt for linen drapes. This way you can still get the darkness you want but still have the elegance you desire.

Neon Colors

Neon colors such as neon green, hot pink, or fluorescent orange can be overwhelming and distracting in most interior settings. They may clash with other decor elements and create a jarring visual impact, making the room feel chaotic and unbalanced. For a bold look, it’s best to use bold accent pieces with more subdued curtains to balance the room’s design.



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