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We’re Obsessed With This Gold-Framed TV in René Daniella’s House

September 28, 2023 at 6:31 PM PST

In a living room filled with color and texture, content creator René Daniella wanted her television to match the vibe of a “garden in bloom.” The Los Angeles homeowner purchased a Samsung Frame TV with an “art mode” feature, turning the television into a work of art. “I love that this really makes the space feel a bit more chic. You don’t have the garishness of a big television,” Daniella shares in the latest Home & Texture House Tours episode.

For Daniella and many like-minded aesthetes, the television isn’t merely a medium for viewing your favorite shows; it’s an integral component of the room’s design narrative. In the pursuit of a harmonious and stylish living room space, a television with an art mode feature becomes a seamless, multifunctional piece that blends elegance with entertainment. This feature allows homeowners to transform the visual dynamic of a room, shifting from conventional screens to exquisite works of art and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the space.

Rene Daniella, House Tours
Photo Credit: Nina Menconi

Having a television with an art mode feature eliminates the stark and intrusive presence of a conventional screen. It instead offers a versatile display that can echo personal style and artistic preferences. A framed television with an art mode feature allows you to select pieces that resonate with your taste, mood, or the decor of your room, ensuring your living space is always in bloom with your chosen aesthetic.

Rene Daniella, House Tours
Photo Credit: Nina Menconi

More Than a Tech Upgrade

Investing in televisions with an art mode feature is more than a tech upgrade—it’s a lifestyle choice for those who value aesthetic harmony and love surrounding themselves with beauty and art. In a world where every detail matters, having a television that complements your living space’s vibe and texture is a subtle luxury that adds to the joy of being at home.

Check out René Daniella’s vibrant and artfully designed home by tuning into the latest episode of Home & Texture’s House Tours season two.

Get a Samsung Frame TV like René Daniella

85” Class The Frame QLED 4K LS03B

Marrying technology with aesthetics, Samsung’s The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV is a transformative piece, echoing the sophisticated and eclectic taste of creators like René Daniella. It’s more than a TV; in art mode, this television becomes a personal gallery, displaying vibrant, true-to-life art pieces and harmonizing with your living space’s luxurious vibe. The TV hangs flush, mimicking a real picture frame, with customizable magnetic bezels to suit any style, offering a dynamic and chic addition to any home. With access to Samsung’s Art Store subscription, refresh your space with timeless and contemporary art, making every viewing a unique, immersive experience.

85” The Frame Customizable Bezel – Sand Gold Metal

In a living space adorned with vibrant colors and textures, like that of content creator René Daniella, the integration of aesthetics and technology is essential. Samsung’s The Frame Customizable Bezel is a luxe addition to your Samsung Frame television with art mode. Available in Sand Gold, metal finish, and wooden finishes in White, Teak, and Brown, it allows you to curate your space with more colors and styles, turning your TV into a piece of art that reflects your personal aesthetic. The bezels are visually pleasing and user-friendly with their magnetic alignment, adding a premium touch to your decor while accentuating your art. This customizable bezel is a subtle touch for those who, like Daniella, prefer their technology to be in harmony with their living space’s unique vibe and texture.

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