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Cleaning Outdated Housekeeping Rules

5 Outdated Housekeeping Rules That Are OK To Break

October 16, 2023 at 5:14 PM PST
Cleaning Outdated Housekeeping Rules

5 Outdated Housekeeping Rules That Are OK To Break

October 16, 2023 at 5:14 PM PST

As we ease into becoming homeowners and having families of our own, we often find ourselves bound by housekeeping rules passed down from previous generations. Though well-intentioned, these age-old bits of wisdom may not always fit with our contemporary lifestyles. The pace of life has changed, homeowners have evolved, and our priorities have shifted. It’s time we took a moment to reassess some of these traditional housekeeping rules.

Photo Credit: Tima Miroshnichenko

While maintaining a neat and organized home remains a goal, there are certain “golden rules” that feel outdated in a modern world.

With a fresh perspective, here are some housekeeping norms that are perfectly fine to break.

The Pristine Living Room

In our parents and grandparent’s day, the living room was reserved for guests and special occasions. The living room was once a pristine space, but today’s millennial homeowners view their homes as spaces meant to be lived in. It’s okay if your living room couch is adorned with a cozy throw or there’s a stack of magazines lying around that you’re currently reading. Your living room should reflect your day-to-day life, so make it inviting and authentic.

pristine living room
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Perfectly Made Beds

While a freshly made bed is beautiful to look at, it isn’t a train smash if your bed isn’t impeccably made every morning. If you’re rushing off to work or handling a chaotic morning, a quick straightening of the sheets and comforter will do. The focus should be on comfort and ease, not perfection.

Daily Vacuuming

Sure, keeping a clean home is essential, but daily vacuuming isn’t a necessity for most households. Unless you have a particularly messy situation or allergies demand it, vacuuming once a week is fine. This saves time and reduces wear on your carpets.

woman vacuuming living room
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If Marie Kondo has you in a chokehold, it’s okay to know that not everything needs meticulous categorization. A home can have areas that aren’t strictly organized, like a kitchen drawer that holds various knickknacks. It’s a realistic reflection of life.

organized kitchen
Photo Credit: Rene Asmussen

Washing Windows Inside and Out

While clean windows are desirable, it’s not always necessary to wash them both inside and out each time. Oftentimes, the exterior gets dirtier due to weather conditions, while the interior remains relatively clean. You can adjust your routine by cleaning the outside monthly and the inside quarterly. This saves time and reduces the amount of water and cleaning solution you use over time.



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