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Outdoors Tree Lighting Ideas

How To Light Up Your Yard This Holiday Season

October 23, 2023 at 9:21 PM PST

In just a few short months, the holiday season will be here. Not only does this mean cold weather, but it’s also a time for hot cocoa, warm blankets, holiday movies, shopping, family gatherings, and decorating your home. Buying decorations, putting up the Christmas tree, and figuring out which ornaments and lights should go on the tree is a fun part of preparing for the holiday season. But, how do you figure out which decorations to use for outdoor lighting and trees? There are many options to consider, including battery-powered lights or plug-in lights.

Outdoor lighting and trees are also just as important as indoor decoration. While outdoor decorations allow for more space to be creative, you want your decorations to fit your aesthetic and personal taste. The brightness of the holiday season also means that you can go bold or keep it simple. But, before you add your trees, lights, and decorations, you’ll want to make sure your outdoor space is maintained, especially if you have a garden. Here are seven outdoor tree-lighting ideas.

Colorful Light-up Tree

Create a colorful oasis with this outdoor tree lighting idea. Picture: A colorful tree with colorful lights and decorations.

Go bold and add color this year with a colorful light-up tree. These lights create a bright, colorful, and welcoming atmosphere and the eye-catching display gives the allusion of a real Christmas tree. Either wrap these lights around an outdoor Christmas tree or hang them by the front of the house at the edge of the roof for a tree-like image. The best thing about these string lights is that they are easy to install. They’re also waterproof and can stay on or flash depending on personal preference.

Christmas Cone Tree Lights

Another festive way to celebrate the holiday season is to decorate the outside of your house with Christmas tree cone lights. These tree lights are easy to set up, can be for both indoor and outdoor use, and are perfect for those wanting simple tree decorations or a minimalist aesthetic. The classic and unique design of these lights makes them pair well with other Christmas decorations.

Pretty in Pink

Everyone needs a little pink in their life. Add this color for a Barbie-like outdoor tree lighting idea. Pictured: A pink tree

Turn your yard into a Barbie wonderland with pink trees. For this outdoor tree lighting idea, you’ll want to get either a large pink tree or a few smaller trees to put in your yard. White lights pair well with the brightness of the pink. The best part about this is that you can choose different shades of pink.

White Christmas

If you dream of a white Christmas, consider planting white outdoor trees in your yard this year. If you want a dreamy yard with simple decorations, white trees make the perfect Christmas decoration and will have your yard looking like a winter wonderland. Decorate them with white or multicolor lights and ornaments. Since the tree will be outdoors, wrap the tree ends within the base or hook of the ornaments to ensure they stay on.

By the Front Door

For a simple and easy outdoor tree lighting and decoration idea, add two small trees on each side of your front door. This idea allows you to add two small trees with a vase or stand around it for support and add either white or clear lights for a sophisticated look. Add pine cones, fake berries, or ornaments on the trees for a decorative touch.

Deer by the Trees

Add deer for a sparkling effect on your yard with this outdoor tree lighting idea. Pictured: Outdoor Deer lights with Holiday decorations.

A cute and fun idea for your outdoor tree is to add deer sculpture lights around the tree. This festive decoration adds some dazzling excitement to your yard and will complete the winter wonderland scene you want in your front yard. Add either white, clear or yellow lights to add some sparkle to the outdoor scene.

Let it Snow

Use a snow designed Christmas tree for outdoor tree lighting ideas. Pictured: A Christmas tree.

Whether it snows where you live or not, turn your yard into a snowy paradise. Purchase a green Christmas tree with fake snow and add light to your tree. Snowflake lights and icicle lights will give your tree that snow-like effect and adding icicles, snowflakes, or white or light blue ornaments adds a nice touch.

How to Know What’s Best for Your Yard

If you’re a beginner at setting up outdoor tree lights and decorations, it’s best to go with something well-lit that’s at least 20 feet long. You can purchase outdoor lights from your local home improvement store. You can also decide whether to use battery-operated lights or plug-in lights. If you have outlets, you can opt for plug-in, but make sure the cord is long enough to reach the outlet.



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