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These Are the Best Colors To Mix and Match with Pantone's Color of the Year

You may think that Peach Fuzz isn't the easiest color to style. With these suggestions, you might just find your perfect match.

January 16, 2024 at 7:48 PM PST

Recently, the Pantone Color Institute announced their choice for the official color of 2024: peach fuzz. Nestled between pink and orange, peach fuzz is a playful yet understated hue that makes for the perfect addition to your home decor. Due to its soft and inviting nature, Pantone’s Color of the Year is an ideal choice for those looking to add a welcoming touch to their spaces.

The Best Colors To Mix and Match with Pantone’s Color of the Year

Peach fuzz is a shade that certainly stands on its own, and because it’s such a showstopper, it can be challenging to incorporate it into your design style without overshadowing the rest of your decor. Understanding how to mindfully mix and match other colors with peach fuzz allows you to unlock its full potential.

To learn how to integrate the color into your design without overwhelming the space, here are five colors that complement peach fuzz.

Neutral color swatches
Photo credit: Eva Bronzini

1. Neutrals

Neutrals are a likely choice when trying to incorporate the shade peach fuzz into your home. For a sophisticated appearance, neutral colors such as ivory or taupe make the Pantone Color of the Year truly stand out.

Ivory is kind of like a blank canvas, providing a bright, clean slate for adding pops of color to your space. Taupe, on the other hand, evokes a more earthy vibe, which complements peach fuzz by promoting a grounded, calming environment.

Either color combination can help you create a serene environment that is perfect for ushering in positive vibes all year long.

A mint green wall
Photo credit: David van Dijk

2. Pastels

Because peach fuzz is a playful color, adding other fun colors such as pastels can elevate your space. Pastel colors like mint green or lavender are the perfect start.

Mint green promotes a cool and refreshing aura, providing a contrast that highlights the subtle warmth of peach fuzz. For a touch of femininity, lavender is your best bet. Lavender is a soft yet sophisticated color that, when combined with peach fuzz, can create a balanced, visually attractive space.

Mixing pastels with peach fuzz is especially trendy for the spring and even summer season, creating levity and tranquility in spaces like the bathroom, nursery, or bedroom.

A navy blue background
Photo credit: Kseniya Lapteva

3. Dark Shades

If you have a flair for the dramatic, matching peach fuzz with a bold, dynamic color such as navy blue and charcoal gray makes for an interesting contrast. Dark shades like navy blue and charcoal gray create a powerful interplay when juxtaposed against the soft tone of peach fuzz.

The best thing about decorating with dark shades is that they can be matched with nearly anything. So if you decide to change your color scheme later on, you can easily do so without compromising the overall elegance.

A gold background
Photo credit: Katie Harp

4. Warm Tones

While peach fuzz is a playful color, it can also be soft and subtle, providing a feeling of warmth to any space. To bring out the coziness of peach fuzz, try introducing warm tones from its neighboring spectrum. For example, gold is a radiant color that can easily complement the softness of peach fuzz. As a result, you can enjoy a subtle, opulent feel.

You can even merge coral — a close relative of peach fuzz — with peach fuzz and gold to create a unique color palette that demonstrates vibrancy — the perfect mood to start your new year.

Several terracotta planters
Photo credit: Nathalie Klippert

5. Natural Shades

Nature is always on trend, which is why incorporating more natural shades into your design style is a way to create a space that transcends fleeting fads. To add a touch of nature to your space, consider organic, earthy shades such as sage green or terracotta that infuse a warm and inviting vibe.



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