These Black Pilates Instructors Will Help With Your Home Workout Goals
Wellness Black Pilates Instructors

These Black Pilates Instructors Will Help With Your Home Workout Goals

March 7, 2024 at 2:21 PM PST
Wellness Black Pilates Instructors

These Black Pilates Instructors Will Help With Your Home Workout Goals

March 7, 2024 at 2:21 PM PST

You don’t always have to hit the gym or go to a workout class to start a new exercise routine. Let’s face it, gym memberships and classes can start to get expensive every month and because of the high cost of living, sometimes it’s better to cut costs where they make the most sense.

If you don’t want to pay those hefty gym prices or exercise around tons of people daily, an at-home workout might be the best idea for you. Exercising at home takes the pressure off of having to scout for equipment at the gym and can be much easier than getting dressed and commuting to your nearest gym.

Since the start of the pandemic, many people have opted for at-home workout subscriptions and YouTube channels to start their exercise routine. This was a way to still get exercise while avoiding the COVID-19 virus. In 2024, people are still choosing this option to avoid paying the high fees or worry about a commute.

Exercising at home also allows for more flexibility within people’s schedules. If you have to work in the office, exercising at home allows you to work out in the morning before work. Or people can work out in the evening after work without worrying about leaving to commute back and forth to the gym. For those who work from home, you have the convenience of not having to leave your house during your lunch break, as you can exercise at home.

While exercise videos like trap cardio, HIIT workouts, and strength and endurance have always been popular, videos on yoga and pilates are now making waves. These videos include full-body workouts, inversion yoga, flexibility, and more.

While these videos are incredibly popular, Black women are underrepresented as content creators in this area, some having not nearly as many subscribers or views as their white counterparts.

If you’re a beginner at pilates, want to try out yoga, or are looking for an alternative to the gym and exercise classes, here are ten Black instructors for pilates and exercising at home.

IsaWelly (@Isawelly)

This Pilates youtube instructor is perfect for exercising at home. Pictured: A Black women at an exercise class

Describing her practice as helping women eliminate fatigue and adopt healthier nutritional habits, Isa Welly is a Black Pilates instructor with over 276k subscribers on her channel. She has videos for everyone from the beginner to the pilates expert. From full-body to express pilates to gentle and feel-good pilates, she is creating a wellness space for subscribers and viewers to thrive.

Black Yogi Nico Marie (@YogaWithNico)

If you’re more into yoga and want to focus on your breathing and flexibility, subscribe to Black Yogi Nico Marie. Her content focuses on the health and healing benefits of yoga. With everything from beginner’s yoga to deep stretches, you can focus on your body, mind, and soul with her videos. She also has specified and unique content like a Black Affirmations Meditations video, yoga for emotional balance, yoga for feminine energy, and more.

Toni Mitchell (@ToniMitchell)

With videos focusing on her vegan lifestyle and exercise, Toni Mitchell’s channel has a wide range of health and wellness videos. With over 469k subscribers, she has videos on mobility, full-body workouts, lifting weights, and more.

305 Fitness (@305Fitness)

For fitness, dance and pilates, follow this at home instructor on Youtube: Pictured: A Black woman exercising

If you’re into dancing and fitness, 305 Fitness is a great channel to subscribe to. While they have multiple instructors for different videos, they highlight Black culture through videos like the Black Joy Dance Workout and Female Rap Hip Hop Cardio.

Hang Tight W Marcie (@HangTightwMarcie)

Skip the gym and work those biceps, quads, and arms with Marcie’s channel. Catering to all fitness levels, she shares workout routines with her 118k subscribers. Her videos range from ten to 30 minutes, so if you’re looking for quick exercise videos or even something longer, she’s got the perfect channel.

Jessamyn Stanley (@JessamynStanley)

If you’re looking for some great yoga content and yoga challenges, look no further than Jessamyn Stanley’s channel. She specializes in meditation videos and has videos on yoga for when you are stressed, yoga for plus-sized people, couch yoga and more.

Pilates Body Raven (@pilatesbodyraven)

Here are a few instructors specializing in pilates and yoga to exercise at home. Pictured: A Black woman doing yoga

Learn everything there is to know about Pilates with Pilates Body Raven. She’s a certified Pilates instructor sharing methods of movement and showing you how to stay balanced and healthy. Raven has a wide range of videos, covering everything from pregnancy-friendly pilates to pilates on your period and nighttime routines.

Sadiya Marie (@SadiyaMarie)

For short 10-minute Pilates routines, Sadiya Marie has the perfect channel. She’s a Pilates instructor with videos on Pilates Ab workouts, full-body Pilates, lower-body Pilates, and more.

Arianna Elizabeth (@AriannaElizabeth)

For a three-in-one special on Pilates, Yoga, and high-intensity workouts, subscribe to Arianna Elizabeth’s channel. As a certified yoga instructor and meditation and breathwork facilitator, Elizabeth is an expert in wellness. From yoga sculpting to bodyweight pilates to her YogaLates challenge, Elizabeth has both easier and more intense workouts for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Sarah Wes (@SarahWes)

For yoga, pilates and great background views, follow this channel for at home exercising and meditation. Pictured: A women meditating and doing yoga

If you love a good background while doing yoga or pilates, Sarah Wes is the instructor to subscribe to. Wes has a series of yoga videos at the beach and in front of beautiful desert and lake views. Focusing on restorative yoga, pilates-inspired yoga, self-love yoga, and more, her videos allow you to go deeper into your practice and meditation.



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