How To Implement Scandinavian Interior Design In Your Home
Decorate Scandinavian Interior Design

How To Implement Scandinavian Interior Design In Your Home

March 18, 2024 at 12:49 PM PST
Decorate Scandinavian Interior Design

How To Implement Scandinavian Interior Design In Your Home

March 18, 2024 at 12:49 PM PST

Aesthetically pleasing, bright interiors and clean with artistic elements are just a few descriptions that encapsulate what Scandinavian interior design fully is. With its articulate beauty, it’s no wonder that this design style is widely popular. Its minimalism style makes it trendy, as many interior designers and homeowners are utilizing this aesthetic using neutral colors and simplistic decor.

So what exactly does Scandanavia entail? It refers to the regions of Norway, Denmark and Sweden, all part of northern Europe. Each of these countries has similarities in design style, hence the coined phrase, Scandinavian Interior Design.

Unlike styles like hygge, boho, organic modern or brutalist interior design, Scandinavian design style focuses on minimalism and simplicity. Think soft, calm and cozy, those are a few keywords to describe this style. There’s beauty in simplicity and the Scandinavian design style shines a light on that beauty.

If you’re stuck on how to incorporate this design style in your home, here are a few ways to perfectly blend this style in any room.

Chose Muted Colors

To incorporate Scandinavian Interior design style into your home, try choosing muted colors

The Scandinavian interior design style is minimalist and simplistic all around, and the colors reflect that. Muted colors such as grey, white, black, olive and ivory are typically used in this style. If you’re struggling to find the perfect muted colors, this color palette naturally has low saturation. You also can’t go wrong with a simple black, grey or white color scheme with furniture and decor.

Perfect The Space With Plants

Use plants to incorporate a Scandinavian Interior design style in your home. Pictured: Plants

In any Scandinavian design style home, plants are your best friend. This style is inspired by nature, so naturally, plants should be everywhere. Try placing your favorite plants, real or fake, in corners, near windows, beside couches and chairs and on shelves to add that Scandinavian touch to the space.

Incorporate Wood Elements

Wood is one of the key features in Scandinavian Interior design. Pictured: A wood table with decor on it

Wood is heavily used throughout Scandinavian-style homes. Try to incorporate wood in both small and large details. Use wood TV stands and dressers, tables, table decorations, vases and picture frames for design inspo. Another tip, knot decor is really popular in the home design space right now and wood knot table decor in your living room table or on shelves can take the design up a notch.

Layers and Textures

Layers and texture will really bring a cozy feeling to any space. This is key ini creating a home with Scandinavian interior design elements

Layering and adding texture to the space is important if you want to achieve a Scandinavian interior design style. Try layering your bed or couch by using multiple throw pillows and blankets. Make sure the colors either match or complement each other. For textures, use rugs, shelving, decor, baskets, blankets and pillows. Not only will layering and adding texture help in achieving this design style, but it also adds a personal touch to the space.

Add Artistic Elements

To incorporate a personal touch while creating a Scandinavian interior design style, add artistic elements to the space

Although Scandinavian interior design is minimalist and simple, adding a touch of color and art brings the space to life. Take a few of your favorite colorful yet simplistic art canvases and hang them up in the space. Art ties any room together and this will surely make your space feel bright and welcoming.

Make it Warm and Cozy

For any home with Scandinavian interior design, creating a warm and cozy space is a must have. Pictured: A cozy living room

Step into any home with a Scandinavian interior design style, and the coziness and warmth of the space will hit you immediately. Layering and textures will definitely make the space cozy, but other design elements like including candles, natural light, coffee table books, soft white lighting and subtle design details will give the space the warmth and coziness that you and your guests will appreciate.


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