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interior design Thanksgiving Dessert Quiz

Pick a Classic Thanksgiving Dessert, and We’ll Tell You Which Living Room Style Is Right for You

November 15, 2023 at 11:40 PM PST
interior design Thanksgiving Dessert Quiz

Pick a Classic Thanksgiving Dessert, and We’ll Tell You Which Living Room Style Is Right for You

November 15, 2023 at 11:40 PM PST

Designing an entire living room can be quite a challenge, especially if you don’t have a lot of design experience. But luckily, there is an easier way to decorate your space in a way that resonates with your personality. All you have to do is lean into what you naturally gravitate towards.

And in this case, Thanksgiving dessert is a perfect source of inspiration.

Just as desserts come in varying styles and flavors, your living room design should also reflect the many elements of your personal taste. So whether you prefer peach cobbler or red velvet cake, you can always find a way to integrate your unique preferences into your interior design. For design inspo, pick a classic Thanksgiving dessert to learn which living room style is right for you.

A pecan pie
Photo credit: Keighla Exum via Unsplash

Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is a classic Southern dessert. It’s buttery, it’s nutty, and it’s a great way to add a touch of Southern hospitality to your dinner table. If you selected this delicious sweet treat, you should consider designing an equally charming farmhouse living room.

A modern farmhouse living room
Photo credit: Collov Home Design via Unsplash

A modern farmhouse design style merges traditional decor with a contemporary twist. Think rustic wood furnishing and accents like this beautiful wooden coffee table or throw pillows made from linen and other cozy textiles.

An inspired living room would also feature warm earth tones like chocolate or cream, along with natural textures such as reclaimed wood and rattan. Plus, adding in a houseplant or two is always a nice way to incorporate pops of color in your space, too.

A glazed pound cake loaf
Photo credit: Caramelle Gastronomia

Pound Cake

Pound cake is a simple dessert, and fortunately, it’s pretty simple to make as well. Classic recipes call for a pound of each ingredient, but you can really make it your own by adding citrus, berries, and even herbs for a unique flavor profile.

If you picked this laidback cake as your dessert of choice, you’d probably do well with a modern and minimal living room style that’s just as laidback.

A modern, neutral living room
Photo credit: Spacejoy

To create a modern, minimal space, less is certainly more. So instead of shopping for bold, bulky furniture and decor, keep it simple with a neutral color scheme, understated accents, and plenty of natural light.

A slice of carrot cake
Photo credit: Eva Bronzini via Pexels

Carrot Cake

Carrot cake has a lot going on. It’s sweet, it’s spicy, it’s nutty, and every once in a while, you might find a shredded carrot or raisin inside. Some people make it with cream cheese frosting, others prefer buttercream. And if you like your desserts with a citrus kick, you can find a carrot cake recipe that uses lemon or orange zest, too. If you chose this bold dessert, you need a bold and flamboyant space to match.

A colorful living room
Photo credit: Spacejoy 

The great thing about creating a bold space is that how you decorate is completely up to you. To start, try incorporating bright, vivid colors such as green, fuschia, or yellow. You can also play with patterns and textures, mixing and matching your faves until your space feels just right. Finally, add in a few interesting decor pieces like books, wall art, or vases and you’ve got yourself a lively and attractive living room suited to your unique personality.

A sweet potato pie
Photo credit: cottonbro studio

Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet potato pie is a staple in the Black community. It effortlessly strikes the perfect balance between sweet and savory with its rich, creamy filling and buttery, flaky crust.

But the best part about sweet potato pie is that it’s not pumpkin pie (oop!), so if you chose this classic dessert as your fave, you’re already on the winning team.

A cozy living room
Photo credit: Curtis Adams 

To create a space that’s just as warm and cozy as sweet potato pie, you’ll need to prioritize comfort. That means incorporating lots of comfy furniture like plush couches, chairs, or a recliner. And don’t forget about decor! Decorating your space with cozy decor such as throw blankets and pillows, soft, fur rugs, and a crackling fireplace is a great way to make your living room feel like your own personal sanctuary.

A slice of apple pie a la mode
Photo credit: Spencer Davis 

Apple Pie

Apple pie is an American classic, loaded with big chunks of ripe apples and a sweet and spiced filling. Plus, because you can buy apples year-round, you don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to eat it.

If your Thanksgiving isn’t complete without a slice of homey apple pie, you should consider a living room style that’s just as cozy.

A natural, Bohemian living room
Photo credit: Spacejoy via Unsplash

For a warm and welcoming space, try decorating your space in warm shades of cream or tan that evoke a snug and homey feel. You can also add in a few natural elements by displaying dried pampas grass or incorporating woven baskets for storage. And if you’re feeling especially ambitious, try a DIY decor project to add an even more personalized touch to your space.



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