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Here's How to Choose the Best TV Wall Mounts

August 8, 2023 at 4:42 PM PST

One thing most homeowners have in common is that they’ve normalized using TV stands for decor and mounting TVs on the wall instead. Mounting your TV can free up space in your entertainment or bedroom area and prevent your TV from tipping over. It’s also nice way to make your area look cleaner, more appealing, and give your wall a smooth finish.

With the fall season creeping up, the timing for purchasing a wall mount couldn’t be better. If you’re one who loves hosting football Sunday or cozy movie nights on the couch, it’s important you make sure your TV is sturdy, solid, and leveled. With the right TV wall mount and correct installation process, you can modernize and transform your living or bedroom space in a day.

Choosing the Right Mount

There are several boxes you need to check off before purchasing the best TV wall mount. First, you want to ensure the mount you’re interested in can handle the size and weight of your television set. For larger TVs that are 50″ and up, make sure the mount, according to the label, indicates it can hold something of that size. You also want to take into account the construction of the wall where you plan on placing your TV. If you’re dealing with a different type of wall such as brick, concrete, or plaster, you may want to think about purchasing a special mount. Nearly all mounts are adaptable to the traditional wall types that is drywall or wood-stud framing.

Types of TV Wall Mounts

Would you prefer a fixed, titled, or fully motioned tv wall mount? No one style is better than the other. They’re only designed to best fit your home and living style. The type of TV wall mount you select should depend on your room layout, where and how you’ll be sitting, and the area you plan to hang the TV. Take a look at different tv wall mount ideas.

Fixed Mounts

mounted tv
Photo credit: Max Rahubovskiy

A fixed wall mount is one that not designed to move. In some cases, it can come with an adjustable feature that allows you to shift your tv side to side. If you mainly sit directly in front of your television, this may be the best option for you. Keep in mind once mounted, these mounts do not offer much space between the tv and the wall. So, check the to see if the TV has portable connections on the side of the TV to make it easier to connect, when needed, once it’s mounted on the wall.

Tilting Mounts

tilted tv mount
Photo credit: Max Rahubovskiy

If you tend to change your seating while watching tv, a titled mount is better option than the fixed mount. This mount allows  you to angle your tv in a downward direction when it’s positioned in a high place on the wall. Glares are common on your tv and with this mount, you can reduce it the glare reflecting off the screen. Think about mounts that can swivel and tilt if it’s higher than your seated position and angled.

Full Motion Mounts

Full motion mount are exactly how they sound. It’s the fixed and titled mounts all in one. Due to the unlimited options of angle adjustments and movements,  these mounts offer greater placement options. Not only can it tilt, but it can also move in the forward direction, toward the viewer. If you’re living room area is large and open, you may want to bring your television closer for a better view.

Analyze your home and figure out which TV wall mounts are best equipped for you home and increases your comfortability as you kick your feet up and relax. Remember, your mount should make life easier for enjoying your favorite TV shows, movies, or Sunday football.



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