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Decorate Urban Outfitters Decor

Our Favorite Unique Furniture and Decor From Urban Outfitters

September 11, 2023 at 10:57 PM PST
Decorate Urban Outfitters Decor

Our Favorite Unique Furniture and Decor From Urban Outfitters

September 11, 2023 at 10:57 PM PST

We don’t know when the shift happened, but retail therapy at your favorite fashion stores doesn’t just mean splurging on clothes, shoes, and accessories anymore. You’ve probably noticed that a few of your go-to shops sell homeware now, too. Urban Outfitters, for example, currently defines itself as a lifestyle retailer instead of a clothing brand to encompass its mix of home decor and other products. While it may not be your first choice for your design project, their home selection isn’t too shabby. Actually, it’s pretty good quality and filled with creative pieces.

You can furnish an entire place just with pieces from the brand, which was once known for clothing that pushed boundaries but has now cemented its place in contemporary home decor. Its fall 2023 home line features three collections led by detailed craftsmanship and unique design: Deco Dreams, Modern Natural, and Retro Roomies.

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Deco Dreams transports you to a vintage apartment with its soft color palettes, art deco curves, and plenty of swans. Modern Natural, on the other hand, is a woody, organic, boho chic paradise, while Retro Roomies gives you 80s loft, mi casa es su casa vibes.

You’ll find modular couches, curved table lamps, asymmetrical shelves, and more. There’s no interior design style you can’t replicate when shopping at UO Home. With so much to weed through, Home and Texture is empowering your home styling project with a quick list of a few of the most loved pieces from Urban’s current and past collections. Keep reading for artsy decor you can add to any space in your home, guaranteed to start a conversation.

Maia Side Table/Nightstand

The Maia Side Table or nightstand features a sculpted concrete base and round glass pane. The statement-making piece's wavy design and heavy weight make it perfect for sitting center stage in your home. An artful delight, place this table in your bedroom, living room, or entryway. You'll need to pull out your toolbox and assemble it by hand, but you won't find this UO exclusive anywhere else.

Wally Sconce

The retro Wally Sconce is available in four colors: green, cream, sky, and yellow. Its curved design, complete with a structural silhouette topped with a spherical frost glass shade, plugs in to turn on. The sconce cord is 10 feet long, making it a functional addition to your home. At around $130, experience its nostalgia with only an LED or Type B incandescent bulb (not included).

Isobel Storage Console

A Pinterest favorite, the Isobel Storage Console is as standout as it gets. It features six assorted cubbies in various shapes and sizes to house decorative objects and cherished mementos. The modern curve silhouette is available exclusively from UO Home as part of a complete set. Its pairs include an arc wall shelf, an assorted wall shelf, and a bookshelf that looks like the vertical version of the storage console. Short and low to the floor, this console is the perfect accessory for small spaces. Usually around $1,200, you can buy this console for a limited time at $899.

Roma Sofa

The Roma sofa is available in olive and ivory. The playfully modern upholstered sofa features a wavy cut edge and slab legs. Without arms at the sides, the two-seat design's minimalist details finish with two throw pillows. Add a personal touch with a third pillow, or toss a throw blanket over the backrest. Top-rated and around $1,300, thankfully, you won't need to assemble this yourself.

Aria Coffee Table

Another Pinterest favorite, the Aria Coffee Table, brings artistic taste to the forefront of your home. Available in white and brown, the table's wavy detailing and tempered glass top give it an ultramodern yet organic feel. While the ridges serve as decoration, you can push the design a step further by adding books or decorative accents between them. Usually around $600, you can currently get this gorgeous top-rated table for $399 for a limited time.

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