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Decorate Valentine’s Day Decor

Valentine's Day Decor To Fall in Love With This Year

Because we're gifting ourselves boxes of chocolate and extravagant bouquets, even if nobody else does. Why should the romance end there?

January 31, 2024 at 7:40 PM PST
Decorate Valentine’s Day Decor

Valentine's Day Decor To Fall in Love With This Year

Because we're gifting ourselves boxes of chocolate and extravagant bouquets, even if nobody else does. Why should the romance end there?

January 31, 2024 at 7:40 PM PST

We would say love is in the air, but that’s a little cliché, don’t you think? Valentine’s Day is all about the sweet nothings, from small kindnesses like a single rose placed on the office chair to confessions of adoration tucked in pink envelopes to intimate soaks in candle-lined bathtubs, but let’s be honest, sometimes romance can get a little cringy. Although gestures that show our loved ones’ affection for us are always welcome, the thought of propping up a teddy bear with a heart attached to the arms and the words “You are bear-y special” next to the contemporary sculptures on the painstakingly curated shelf in your living room probably makes the interior designer in you want to scream. Instead, you can celebrate the holiday in your home with decor that will make you fall head over heels for your space all over again. Read below for a few of H&T’s picks of the year.

How to Style the Valentine’s Day Home

While transforming each room into a hopeless romantic’s paradise might sound like the perfect way to evoke the spirit of love for some, others want something more understated. You can style both designs effortlessly without disrupting your everyday decor. Here are a few tips:

Stick to the color scheme.

It might be tempting to deviate from the traditional Valentine’s Day colors with a gorgeous and unique indigo patchwork heart-shaped pillow. But in February, it’s best to stick to pink, red, and white additions (yes, even if the decor is in the shape of a heart). Nevertheless, that pillow is something to swoon about; get it for when the month is over.

Embrace symbolism.

Speaking of hearts, you can’t go without those. Take your pick of plenty of options in mini and maxi designs. XOs, Cupid and dove figurines and roses are fair game, too.

Arrange with care.

Avoid piling Valentine’s Day decor in one corner. Like a trail of flower petals, scatter items around the home for better visual interest. Think of a themed candle on the coffee table, a throw blanket tossed over the couch, and a wine glass on the bar cart. Despite your interior layout, this creates a lovely combination for any home.

For more inspiration, check out the decor we’re loving right now.

Valeria Flute

The Valeria Flute is so subtly on-theme that it's too adorable not to have. Perfect for everyday bar cart decor or toasting on date night, the elongated glass is available in pink and lilac. While the lilac colorway features a colored rim and plain glass, the pink one features both the rim and pink glass. Unfortunately, it doesn't come in a set, so you'll need to buy two to cheers.

Handpainted Heart Taper Candles

Tiny little hearts adorn this set of handpainted taper candles. Some romantics prefer pink hearts, and others prefer red. These candles cater to each style, with the pink design offering red hearts and the red design offering the opposite. Consider placing them in an intriguing candleholder on your dining room table for a candlelit dinner that emphasizes the mood. Otherwise, sit them in your living room, entryway, or hallway.

Heart Jacquard Knit Throw Blanket

The cozy Heart Jacquard Knit Blanket in a reversible pattern of red and white is made with yarn-dyed fiber to maintain its vivid hues. It's plush, festive, and deserves a snuggle.

Heart Vase

This ruby red ceramic heart vase embodies Valentine's Day. Finished with a cutout at the top, it doubles as a statement piece and a display for beautiful florals. Due to its small size, an entire bouquet won't fit, but a few dried stems and botanicals can take this from stylish to extravagant.

Alabaster Heart Scented Candle

Invite aromas of smoky, sensual vanilla and tobacco into your home with this heart-shaped candle in two sizes. With additional notes of Valencia orange and amber, this classy and lightweight candle is heavenly for setting the mood. Once the wax burns out, repurpose it as a catchall to get the most out of this heartfelt investment.

XO Shaped Pillow

"XO," a sentiment of endearment in but two letters. Celebrate the love with these ivory shearling-soft faux fur pillows. Instead of red or pink tones, their neutral shade makes them ideal for decoration beyond the holiday, especially in a bedroom or on a loveseat. Pair them with the Heart Jacquard Knit throw blanket for a match made in sofa heaven.

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