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Bath Vessel Sink Ideas

These 7 Bathrooms Will Make You Want a Vessel Sink ASAP

August 29, 2023 at 8:22 PM PST
Bath Vessel Sink Ideas

These 7 Bathrooms Will Make You Want a Vessel Sink ASAP

August 29, 2023 at 8:22 PM PST

Vessel sinks are visually appealing additions to any vanity, exuding style and flair. You can find these aesthetically pleasing sinks in vintage and contemporary bathrooms across the country. Always returning as the blueprint of bathroom renovations and new builds, their design is timeless and never truly goes out of fashion. They’re so elegant and chic that you won’t just see them in homes but in restaurants, hotels, spas, and other places that offer luxury experiences. So, what makes vessel sinks stand out?

A vessel sink, or bowl sink, is a basin that sits on a countertop instead of being installed into it, creating a detached and elevated appearance. Versatile and customizable, these sinks come in various styles and sizes, from the traditional bowl to rectangles and organic shapes. Likewise, you can get them in all kinds of materials, such as porcelain, metal, stone, and glass.

Want to design a lavish home bathroom that feels like a relaxing vacation resort every time you wash your hands? A vessel sink is perfect for you. With so many options, you can create the bathroom of your dreams. Home and Texture gathered inspiration for the glamorous bathroom sink upgrade you’ve been waiting for. Keep reading for bathrooms so good you’ll feel like you’re not at home.

Rectangular Porcelain

Photo Credit: 100 Files

Upscale simplicity at its finest, it’s all about the little details in this bathroom. Instead of taking the center spot on the vanity, the vessel sink is on the left side, a unique design choice. Next to the smoky gray textured walls and countertop and gorgeous wood elements, the white sink and tub create striking visual allure. Additionally, the white drawers make the sink and tub feel more in place, making for a beautiful pairing.

Red Ceramic

Photo Credit: Rachel Claire

In this example, the bathroom epitomizes blending interior design techniques to shape your personal home style. The metal black ridged walls, brass fixtures, and asymmetrical sink, accompanied by the traditional counter, create expert visual contrast. Likewise, the thin white linen shower curtain in front of the window is a great addition, bringing natural light into the space.

Gray Stone

Photo Credit: Jeske Jovan

Over the top in the best way, this bathroom is a gray and gold masterpiece. The stone vessel sink, complemented by the glamorous gold faucet, gives the appeal of a luxury hotel bathroom. Not only that, but everything in this bathroom looks like it’s meant to be. The gray tile flooring, marble countertop, lit open storage space, and unique lighting fixtures are a home design dream come true.

Matte Black

Photo Credit: Anoop Nk

The sleekness of the matte black elements is just as attractive as the vessel sinks here. Minimal and chic, the double sink and exposed plumbing with matching fixtures all around create impactful visual interest. The open design leaves us wondering where they’re storing their products. If you’re trying this look in your home, consider getting matte black adhesive racks to hold your shampoos and beauty goodies.


Photo Credit: Saranya Sueklin

The natural lighting in this space is warm and inviting. It features a little bit of everything: Wood elements, gold and silver accents, gray-speckled tile, and a gray vessel sink. Even more, each aspect contributes to the overall organic feel of the bathroom, especially the over-tub window.

Translucent Brown

Photo Credit: Max Rahubovskiy

A colorful vessel sink moment, this brown translucent sink is the centerpiece of this bathroom. It’s the one contemporary element of this traditional design, which makes for an intriguing statement. The patchy cabinet or window covering adds to the vintage yet bold aesthetic. Bold and traditional, this space evokes feelings of a bathroom in a classic vacation villa.


Photo Credit: Andrea Davis

For the Barbiecore inspired, this salmon pink vessel sink could be paired with even more color to really accentuate the pink. In this example, the gold fixtures and accents pair well with the bathroom’s entire decor for a feminine and chic look overall. Geometric wallpaper or a glossy fish scale ceramic wall tile backsplash complemented by a silver faucet would truly be the cherry on top.



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