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Art Wall Murals

Wall Mural Design Inspo for the Creative at Heart

July 10, 2023 at 7:34 PM PST
Art Wall Murals

Wall Mural Design Inspo for the Creative at Heart

July 10, 2023 at 7:34 PM PST

If you want to liven up your home, consider using wall murals. These humungous works of art can change the mood of any room. By choosing the right wall mural, you can reflect your personal taste and style.

Why You Should Add a Wall Mural to Your Home

The great thing about wall murals is their versatility. When it comes to designing a wall mural, the world is your oyster. Whether you enjoy loud colors and shapes or calming, tropical landscapes, you can expect to find a mural design available to suit your every preference. Consider choosing a mural that complements your existing decor. You can also make your wall mural the focal point of your room to revitalize the space.

Another benefit to wall murals is that they allow you to customize your space. For example, you can design a mural that features your favorite photograph, artwork, or even a scenic picture of your dream destination. Designing your wall mural can highlight your personality so you can truly call the space your own.

Wall murals can also impact how you perceive the size of your room. For instance, when you choose a visually expansive design — like an open landscape or a panoramic cityscape — you can create an illusion of depth, making even the smallest spaces appear larger and more open.

And if you’re on a budget, you’re in luck. Installing wall murals can be pretty affordable, depending on the design you choose. Plus, you can apply and remove them without scratching or scuffing up your walls. Whether you plan to decorate a single wall or an entire room, a wall mural is an ideal solution for brightening your space.

Design Inspo for Your Next Wall Mural

For the art lover, wall murals are a great creative way to beautify your home. From outer space themes to modern and minimal designs, adding a wall mural to your space can turn any room into an art display. Here are seven wall mural designs to inspire you:

The Great Outdoors

Photo credit: @eurowalls.wallpaper / Instagram

This mural features a great, big tree complete with teeny, tiny white flowers to bring a taste of nature inside your home.

Neutral Line Art

Photo credit: @home_decor_moods / Instagram

This mural is jam-packed with images of hand-drawn plants and flowers for a vivacious way to spend time outside.

Modern and Minimal

Photo credit: @decor / Instagram

Enhance your bathroom decor with a modern and minimal black-and-white pattern.

Field of Flowers

Photo credit: @villanovafabric/Instagram

Immerse yourself in a field of wildflowers featuring vivid shades of blue and green.

Colorful Mosaic Tile

Photo credit: @walplus / Instagram

This beautiful mosaic tile design is the perfect way to add a bit of sophistication to your bathroom.

Exotic Flowers

Photo credit: @eurowalls.wallpaper / Instagram

Create a sense of wanderlust with this mural featuring extra large exotic flowers in bold and vivid shades.

Watercolor Lake

Photo credit: @eurowalls.wallpaper / Instagram

Relax and unwind with a book next to this calming watercolor lake wall mural.



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