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Living Room Albany Park Barton Sofa Review

I Tested Albany Park's New Barton Sofa and It's The Most Cozy Piece of Furniture I've Ever Owned

This Black-owned furniture brand's recently launched Barton sofa offers up style and comfort at a great price.

April 1, 2024 at 3:45 PM PST

Have you ever wondered if a sofa can change the way you relax at home? Albany Park recently launched their Barton sofa, and I had a chance to test it. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect because I recently moved into a new space and wanted to focus more on curating a home that was cozy, eclectic, and welcoming to guests as I entered my hosting era. I chose the Barton in its Hazelnut Bouclé colorway with black legs, and when it arrived at our doorstep in two manageable boxes, my husband and I were bracing for the usual “furniture assembly challenge.”


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We were surprised when we started unboxing and realized that Albany Park had decided to make things easy for us. Clear instructions led us to set up our cozy new sofa in under an hour—no sweat, no tears.

Albany Park
Photo Credit: @kelseydashmarie

The Barton is perfect for anyone with a spacious living area. It effortlessly seats five, making it the go-to spot for movie nights, deep conversations, or those much-needed nap times. It’s priced at $1,739 (catch it on sale for $1,514!), offering amazing quality that outshines pricier alternatives that I’ve previously owned and lounged on.

Now, let’s talk looks. The bouclé texture? A total win for adding a chic and luxe touch to minimalist, eclectic, or somewhere-in-between design styles. Its low and sleek profile gives off modern, laid-back vibes. The fabric is stain-resistant, making it kid-friendly and ready for whatever life throws its way.

Barton Sofa Boucle
Photo Credit: @kelseydashmarie

Comfort-wise, this sofa is extremely cozy. It’s the kind of piece where you can just relax for hours, whether you’re hosting friends and family, cuddling with your partner, or just enjoying some me-time. It’s built to last and is extremely welcoming.

Compared to my last sofa, which was more of an investment without delivering on comfort or quality, the Barton Sofa is a dream. It perfectly marries style, function, and quality.

See for yourself on Albany Park’s website. There’s even a 30-day in-home trial and lifetime warranty, making it a win-win purchase.



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