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Decorate Design Styles

How To Successfully Combine Traditional And Modern Design Styles

May 4, 2023 at 7:56 PM PST
Decorate Design Styles

How To Successfully Combine Traditional And Modern Design Styles

May 4, 2023 at 7:56 PM PST

The beautiful thing about interior design is that you have complete autonomy to curate spaces according to your personality and style. Designing is all about having fun and not taking design rules too seriously. Mixing design styles is one of the ways you can have fun with curating your space. If you love both traditional and modern design, then you can combine them.

Classic furnishings and ornate details characterize traditional design, while modern design is all about clean lines with a minimalist influence. Combining both allows you to create a unique space that represents your personal style and taste. Here’s how you can mix traditional and modern styles for your home.

Neutral Color Palette

Mixing traditional and modern design styles is easier when starting with a neutral color palette. Shades of white, gray and beige create a blank canvas for traditional and modern design furniture and decor. You’ll also have more freedom to mix and match different textures and materials to create a harmonious look.

neutral color palette
Photo credit: Annie Spratt

Prioritize Clean Lines

Modern design is all about clean lines and simplicity, while traditional design features elaborate details and curved lines. To mix these two styles, focus on prioritizing clean lines in your furniture and decor. Choose pieces that have a modern feel with traditional elements. Wingback chairs are a great option for a traditional and modern space.

Mix Textures And Decor

You can have the best of both worlds and still create a visually appealing space. Pairing a modern minimalist table with a traditional Moroccan Berber rug is a great way to highlight traditional and modern design styles. You can also mix and match different types of wood furniture to create a unique space.

mix of traditional and modern design styles
Photo credit: Deborah Cortelazzi

Give Traditional Patterns A Modern Update

Floral prints, damask and toile aren’t just reserved for your grandmother’s home. You can give them a modern twist by using them to accent your space. Implementing these traditional patterns in a modern way can look like using floral wallpaper with a modern color palette or upholstering a modern design chair in a toile fabric.

Make A Statement

Statement pieces are a sure way to tie your room together. You can add a beautiful piece of contemporary art, an oversized mirror or a unique antique furniture piece to reflect both traditional and modern design styles.

wingback chair
Photo credit: Di An H

The Old And The New

When mixing design styles, it’s important to make sure to have a balance between the two. When choosing traditional and modern pieces, you should ensure that one style doesn’t overpower the other. Examples of this look like paring a traditional coffee table with a modern geometric rug or pairing a modern sofa with traditional pattern accent chairs.

Have Fun

At the end of the day, it’s important to have fun when curating your space. Mixing traditional and modern styles can be creative and fun, so enjoy the process and experiment. You can mix and match colors, textures, furniture and decor until you find a combination that works for you.


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