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These Summer Home Decor Finds at Anthropologie's Sale Are Under $50

June 21, 2023 at 5:07 PM PST

Summer is the perfect time to give your home a refresh. This season is all about vibrant colors and patterns, lightweight linens, and pieces that evoke relaxation and fun. If you’re looking for summer pieces to enhance your home without breaking the bank, Anthropologie has an amazing sale. This sale isn’t like typical sales with out-of-season offerings. You can find summer pieces at extremely discounted prices. From outdoor dining sets and pitchers to throw pillows, there are amazing finds under $50.

Here are some beautiful pieces you can snag at Anthropologie’s sale for less than $50:

Vibrant Throw Pillows

Add a pop of color to your bed, sofa, or patio chairs with Anthropologie’s stunningly vibrant throw pillows. These accents can enhance your living space, whether patterned floral prints, tropical motifs, or solid colors.

Outdoor Tableware

Take your summer dining experience to a new level with tableware from Anthropologie’s sale. Discover plates, bowls, and mugs in vibrant colors and patterns for under $50. You can have matching sets or mix and match these pieces for an eclectic vibe. These pieces will create a stylish outdoor oasis for your summer get-togethers.

Scented Candles

Create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere with scented candles from Anthropologie’s sale. There are scents that spark the essence of summer with citrusy blends, tropical fruits, and fresh herbs. These affordable candles are luxurious and perfect for summer evenings with friends.

Anthropologie’s sale is a great way to transform your home into a summer retreat without compromising your budget. Let your creativity flourish as you create a chic and inviting summer space within your home.

Keep scrolling to discover some of our favorite finds under $50 at Anthropologie’s sale.

Sun Shadow Dish Towels

These delightful dish towels combine functionality with a touch of whimsy. They’re the perfect addition to your summer culinary adventures. This must-have accessory for your kitchen is made out of cotton and has a beautiful motif of leaves. It comes in a set of two and is machine washable. There is also a fabric hook on these towels, making them easy and convenient to hang. These towels have amazing absorbency, making them ideal for drying dishes, wiping countertops, or cleaning up spills. They effortlessly soak up moisture and will leave your kitchen surfaces clean and dry. They’re also stunning and will add visual interest to your kitchen.

Engraved Floral Pitcher

Elevate your summer outdoor entertaining this summer with Anthropologie’s engraved floral pitcher. This enchanting pitcher blends timeless elegance and practicality. The striking floral engravings will enhance the presentation of your beverage, leaving a lasting impression on your guests. Made from mouth-blown recycled glass, this unique piece has intricate details and visual appeal. The vibrant colors of your summer drinks of choice, whether lemonade or orange juice, will shine through the clear glass. This pitcher is well-made, built to withstand regular use, and will spark joy for summer. It’s the perfect way to hydrate your guests in style this summer.

Rattan-Wrapped Wine Glasses

This set of four wine glasses is perfect for bohemian design styles or those who love nature-inspired home decor. The glasses are wrapped in a blanket of natural rattan and are perfect for outdoor dining. Each piece is handcrafted from recycled glass, so you’ll see slight variations in them. These glasses should be hand washed, and they are not microwave safe. Bring these glasses out while summer entertaining to welcome your guests with a refreshing drink. The beauty of these rattan-wrapped wine glasses will immediately captivate them. There are also matching rattan-wrapped highball glasses and a pitcher to complete the bohemian outdoor dining vibe.

Old Havana Side Plates

These side plates are a part of Anthropologies’ Old Havana collection. This collection has been a top-rated customer favorite since 2012. The items in the Old Havana collection, like these side plates, bring elevated, rustic charm to your dining area. Each piece is artisan crafted in Portugal and ideal for everyday use. You can mix and match these pieces or color coordinate to create a vibrant summer dining experience that your guests will love. These side plates and other items in the Old Havana collection are exclusively available at Anthropologie. The plates are dishwasher and microwave safe. Be sure not to soak these side plates for long periods of time, as it can degrade the crackle glaze.

Socorro Tile Planter

Tile planters are perfect for summer decor. They combine the beauty of vibrant tiles with the functionality of a chic planter. The mosaic tiles on this planter add a splash of color and texture to your summer decor. Each tile is intentionally placed to create a visually striking arrangement that exudes artistry and charm. The lively colors and intricate patterns on this tile planter enlivens any space. This planter was crafted meticulously and made from premium material to ensure aesthetic appeal and durability. This piece was hand painted, so it’s normal to see slight variations in the appearance of each piece. Be mindful that this planter does not have a drainage hole. To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

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