Use Black Countertops in a Kitchen To Create a Chic Vibe
Kitchen Black Countertops in Your Kitchen To Create That Chic Look

Use Black Countertops in a Kitchen To Create a Chic Vibe

October 12, 2023 at 3:28 AM PST
Kitchen Black Countertops in Your Kitchen To Create That Chic Look

Use Black Countertops in a Kitchen To Create a Chic Vibe

October 12, 2023 at 3:28 AM PST

If you’re revamping your kitchen and looking for a statement color, black countertops are the perfect addition. While most people think to use white or gray for countertops, black adds sleekness to your kitchen. Dark countertops will make your kitchen look vibrant, and spills and scratches won’t show up as well on these countertops. Whether you choose glossy or matte, black countertops have a sophisticated look to them.

Between granite, sintered stone, marble, wood, quartz, soapstone and more, there are so many different types of countertops to choose from that will make your kitchen shine. With the right design choices, black countertops will bring out your kitchen decor, dishes and furniture. Here’s how to utilize a black countertop kitchen design.

Black and White Design

Pair black kitchen countertops with white. Pictured: Black Kitchen Countertop.

A simple black-and-white design will always look great in a kitchen. If you have black countertops, consider painting your kitchen cabinets white to make the black color pop. For this design, a marble or granite countertop will make the space look sleek and clean. Add black or white bar stools, a white table made of granite or marble and white chairs to give your kitchen a modern look.

Black and Wood

Can't decide between a farmhouse or a modern vibe? Why not try both. A black and wood kitchen countertop pairing works perfect for those wanting two different kitchen aesthetics. Pictured: Black countertops with wood cabinets.

Black countertops paired with a light wood combine the farmhouse and sophisticated aesthetic. This pairing will brighten up your kitchen and is versatile. Wooden barstools, along with wood shelving throughout the kitchen will make this pairing pop. Adding black countertops to a wooden base is the best style for this idea. If you want to make your kitchen pop even more, consider using wood bowls and utensils for decoration and add black pendant lights above the countertop space to brighten the area up.

A Glossy Finish

Having a glossy finish to your black kitchen countertop will add a classy and sophisticated look. Pictured: A Black glossy kitchen countertop.

Create a polished and finished look by adding a glossy finish to your black kitchen countertops. This coating will add a dramatic element to your kitchen and pairs well with other colors such as white and gray. It also gives your kitchen a modern and sleek look. Because of the glossy look, you’ll want to add a bit of color to this space so it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Go for the Gold

Consider black countertops with gold detailing for a classic and sophisticated look. Pictured: A black countertop with gold features.

Black paired with a shiny gold color adds a true treasure to your kitchen. A matte black countertop paired with gold light fixtures, gold cabinet hardware and a gold skin faucet will add a classy touch to any kitchen space. Pair your black cabinets with barstools and chairs that have gold in them for a chic look.

Forest Green Paired with a Black Kitchen Countertop

Dark forest green pairs well with matte black kitchen countertops. Pictured: Black kitchen countertops with green furniture with gold detailing.

Go for a vintage and nature-like vibe pairing green and black. This calming color combination will make the kitchen your safe space. Consider matte black or granite or marble black countertops, and paint your base or cabinets a dark forest green color. The good thing about this pairing is that any kind of furniture will look nice with it. Add black, green or white furniture depending on your preference, or throw in a few gold fixtures such as lighting, cabinet hardware or sink faucets for a sophisticated touch.

An All-Black Look

For those who really love the color black, pair your black kitchen countertops with all-black cabinets and appliances. Pictured: A black countertop with black appliances.

For those who love the color black, an all-black look gives off the dark and moody aesthetic you’re looking for. This style is very simple, as you can pick any type of black countertop to add to your kitchen. Add a black kitchen table set, black kitchen appliances, black bar stools and a black kitchen backsplash for finishing touches.



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