Black-Owned Liquor Brands To Support Today and Always
Community Five Luxury Black-Owned Liquor Brands To Support Now and Always

Black-Owned Liquor Brands To Support Today and Always

They're perfect to serve for any occasion.

July 21, 2023 at 8:06 AM PST

Making significant strides in the beverage industry, Black-owned liquor brands have gained popularity and recognition for their unique flavors, commitment to quality, and rich histories. From spirits like whiskey, rum and vodka to craft beer, wine, and others, these Black-owned brands are continuing the stride to create more diversity within the liquor space.

As consumers seek authenticity and connection, Black-owned brands serve as the perfect antidote to trying something new. Whether it’s a spicy rum or a fruitier taste palette for wine, celebrating alcohol brands that are continuously changing the name of the game in the industry allows consumers to savor tasty beverages while helping the entrepreneurs behind the brand name.

Take a look at these five black-owned liquor brands and taste something new.

Ten To One

Founded by a Trinidadian entrepreneur, Marc Ferrell is the founder of the Caribbean  alcohol brand, Ten To One. Drawing its name from the traditional Caribbean saying, “Ten To One is the ratio of fun to sobriety,” the brand embodies the spirit of the islands by infusing each bottle with vibrant cultural and coastal blends that celebrate the nation’s rich history and diverse flavors. What sets this brand apart from the rest is an unwavering commitment to sustainability and quality with refined ingredients and environmental practices to help its production process. From rich white rums to robust dark rums, Ten To One’s beverages are aged in bourbon barrels to contribute to its unique flavor profiles and taste palettes.

Jon Basil

Founded in 2018 by Uduimoh Umolu, Jon Basil Tequila is making big waves within the tequila industry. As a child of immigrant parents from Ghana, Umolu noticed a wide disparity within the spirit industry, which lacks proper representation of Black liquor entrepreneurs. After noticing a lack of diversity, Umolu decided to take matters into his own hands by taking a trip to Jalisco, Mexico to source his tequila brand with his business partner, Belall Taher. In an effort to create luxury tequila that hones in on heritage and the unique perspective run by millennial business owners, Jon Basil Tequila not only contributes to changing the scope of diversity, but also plays a vital role in showing other aspiring Black entrepreneurs that they can also make their aspirations a reality.

Du Nord

Founded by Chris Montana in South Minneapolis in 2018, Du Nord is the alcohol brand to keep on your radars. As a result of never being planned, Montana didn’t expect Du Nord to become the brand it is today. However, it still ended up on the top of everyone’s Black-owned alcohol list. From Du Nord gin to coffee liquor, the brand is described as a “cult classic” and is known to be mild and clean tasting—a plus for alcohol drinkers that may not necessarily be fans of alcohol.

Uncle Nearest

Carrying profound historical significance, Uncle Nearest honors Nathan “Nearest” Green, an enslaved African American man who was a pivotal pioneer in the creation of Tennessee whiskey. The brand embodies a powerful story line of untold contributions specifically from Black individuals who set out to change it over 100 years ago. Founded by Fawn Weaver, Uncle Nearest is an ode to our ancestor’s wildest dreams by highlighting robust whiskey infused with caramel and vanilla notes, and their 1884 Small Batch whiskey which is renowned for its depth and consistency. The brand’s success serves as a reminder to go for the dreams we’ve set to achieve while honoring our heritage and those who came before us.


Founded by a talented entrepreneur and mixologist, Jack Summers created Sorel to pay homage to the Caribbean and African heritage. With every sip, it’s meant to evoke a sense of these beautiful islands. By actively supporting community initiatives to uplift and empower Black communities, Sorel is dedicated to mixing high-end liquor with bigger causes that go beyond a glass of alcohol. The brand’s commitment to ensure ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients is at the core of their mission. From handpicked hibiscus flowers to natural spices, only the finest ingredients are used to build Sorel’s tasty concoctions.



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