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"The Plant Mon" is a Black-owned Houseplant Delivery Service in Los Angeles

May 2, 2023 at 7:37 PM PST

If you live in the Los Angeles area and need some houseplants, then Plant Mon is there to help.

Plant Mon is a Black-owned houseplant delivery service created by Louis Easton. Easton, who calls himself a “plant concierge,” not only delivers plants to your doorstep, but also curates a selection of plants that will thrive in the home. On Instagram, Easton uses his account to also give plant advice to houseplant owners.

He also released a book named, “Five Air Purifying Plants You Should Have in Your Home Today.” The book offers homeowners and renters advice on how to obtain the best air with plants.

Plant Mon On Being A Black-Owned Plant Delivery Service

Easton told the LA Times that his father tried to encourage him to get into gardening, but he was not interested initially.

“Plants weren’t hip; I thought they were cheesy, something for old people,” Easton said during the interview. “I just wanted to be a kid, playing football and hanging with my buddies. I didn’t understand that he was giving me an opportunity.”

As an adult, he found himself gravitating back to plants as a side hustle. That side gig quickly turned into him becoming a vendor at local farmer’s markets. It was there that he started to truly appreciate his connection to plants. He finally understood what his father was trying to teach him.

As he got more involved with plants, he realized that he could help a lot of people. During the pandemic, he was furloughed from his day job. He took to social media and found a thriving plant community, and he started making free houseplant deliveries. For $25, Easton would ask a few questions about your plant preferences and show up with plants he believes you would enjoy.

Easton garnered a lot of success delivering plants in Los Angeles. These days, his focus is on helping customers who desire what he calls “interior landscaping.”



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