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Embrace Your Inner Bibliophile with 2024’s Newest Design Trend: “Bookshelf Wealth”

This trend is all about curating a vibe that's cozy, eclectic, and showcases your lived experiences.

February 12, 2024 at 7:15 PM PST

Trends come and go, and this year is no different. Last year was all about “tomato girl,” “quiet luxury,” and “marshmallow,” but this year, there’s a new design trend making waves on social media: “bookshelf wealth.” This trend isn’t just about showing off your latest reads or creating a backdrop for Zoom meetings. It’s a whole vibe that’s cozy, eclectic, and deeply personal.

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Unpacking “Bookshelf Wealth”

The essence of bookshelf wealth is the visual and emotional warmth of a well-loved library. It’s where the charm of an overstuffed couch meets the allure of books that show signs of being read over and over. This trend appeals to those who’ve admired the “dark academia” aesthetic from afar but hesitated at the thought of painting their walls in a dark hue. Bookshelf Wealth offers a colorful, vibrant alternative, emphasizing a cozy, lived-in atmosphere that’s inviting. Think less about pristine, untouched bookshelves and more about the charming, eccentric collection of stories, art, and lived experiences.

Creating Your Own Book Nook

Achieving the bookshelf wealth aesthetic is all about the quality of your curation rather than the quantity of books. Opt for sturdy, antique bookcases that reach for the ceiling, showcasing your collection as a focal point of your living space. The goal is to create a scene that feels artful and collected, with each piece telling its own story. Your bookshelf wealth space should feel intentional, not cluttered. There should be a balance between coziness and chaos, allowing each item to speak for itself while maintaining overall harmony.

Bookshelf Wealth
Photo Credit: Jonathan Borba

Eccentrically Intentional

Stacking books in various arrangements, incorporating plants for a touch of greenery, and leaving space for your favorite art pieces to shine is what bookshelf wealth is all about. The aesthetic invites you to create a space that feels authentically yours, with every shelf and nook reflecting a chapter of your life. This trend encourages a playful approach to decorating, where odd numbers and asymmetrical arrangements bring a dynamic energy to your space. Don’t be shy with how you curate your art—hang it, lean it, let it overlap. Combine textures, colors, and sizes for an eclectic yet harmonious look.

A Reflection of Self

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, bookshelf wealth promotes authenticity. It’s a visual narrative of your adventures, interests, and the quiet moments spent in the company of a good book. It’s not so much about showcasing wealth in the traditional sense but rather celebrating the wealth of experiences, knowledge, and personal growth that books represent.


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