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Decorate Kid-Friendly Spaces

Here's How To Decorate The Perfect Kid-Friendly Space in Your Home This Holiday Season

December 11, 2023 at 8:56 PM PST

The transition into the colder months brings an opportunity to transform our homes into cozy, kid-friendly spaces. With the season of fall leading into the heart of winter, there’s a special kind of joy in preparing your home for the festive times ahead. This is more than just adapting to the colder weather; it’s about creating an environment that resonates with the excitement and wonder of children.

Here’s how to curate living spaces that celebrate the season and cater to the imagination and whimsy of little ones.

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Photo Credit: Any Lane

Colors and Textures

Children are naturally attracted to bright colors and interesting textures. Choose non-breakable ornaments in vibrant colors. Soft, fabric-based decorations are ideal as they pose less risk and add a cozy feel. Encourage creativity by having your children craft their own decorations, like paper snowflakes or colorful leaf garlands, to infuse a personal and playful touch.

Themed Areas

Set up themed areas in your home to spark joy. Whether it’s a tent adorned with twinkling fairy lights or a corner decked out with cushions in fall colors for an autumn retreat, nooks will offer dedicated spaces for play and relaxation.

Interactive and Engaging Decor

Interactive decorations can be both fun and educational for children. Consider an advent calendar that they can update daily or a holiday puzzle that doubles as artwork. A wall-mounted holiday countdown or a felt tree for daily decorating activities can keep the excitement alive and build anticipation for holiday festivities.

advent calendar
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Prioritize Safety

Safety should always be a priority. Choose decorations that are large enough to avoid choking hazards and ensure any string lights are securely out of reach. Opt for LED candles over real ones to eliminate any risk of fire.

Create a ‘Quiet Corner’

In the midst of festive decorations, it’s important to have a tranquil space for downtime. A quiet corner with soft pillows, a selection of books, and plush toys can be a peaceful sanctuary for children despite the holiday hustle and bustle.


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